Financial Advisor Training: Fact Finding Mastery Udemy

Financial Advisor Training: Fact Finding Mastery by Jason Teteak

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Make Your Clients Feel Excited & Motivated To Move Forward And Create A Long-Term Partnership With You And Your Practice

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Financial Advisor Training: Fact Finding Mastery Udemy

What is the Financial Advisor Training: Fact Finding Mastery course about?

Are you having a difficult time creating a sense of purpose and urgency for your clients to sign up for your products? How much different would your practice be if your clients couldn’t wait to get back together and learn about the steps they could take to move forward with your process? It’s time to stop wondering if your clients trust you and if they want to get started doing business with you. In Win the Relationship, we will show you, step-by-step, just how to make your clients feel excited and motivated to move forward and create a long-term partnership with you and your practice. After interviewing hundreds of financial planners and advisors, we discovered the top seventeen things advisors worry about in the fact-finding meeting. Ask yourself, have you ever had any of the following concerns? “I won’t be relevant.” “This person doesn’t want to talk to me.” “I have to build a relationship with this person.” “I don’t want to meet with this person.” “I have to sell something to this person.” “I have to get names from this person.” “I’m lying when I talk to people about making their finances better.” “I have to get all the right data from this person.” “These people don’t want what I have to offer.” “I have to know all the answers.” “I don’t have my finances in order, so I can’t help others.” “I’m not organized enough to do this.” “These people are going to ask too many questions.” “I have to prove my worth to this person.” “When I get paid, I’m taking things from the client.” “I have to have a friendly relationship with this person before they’ll work with me.” “Being genuine will cause me to repel people.” We’ll address how to handle each of these seventeen concerns and more in this program. You’ll learn how to build relationships, communicate effectively, and ask the right questions during the fact finder to encourage your clients to work with you. Most gurus just say, “Here’s the gold dust,” but many advisors don’t know what to do with the “treasure.” or it simply doesn’t work. The point is that the gurus often don’t give the precursors as to why it works. Conversely, in this program, we will break down each and every technique to make it simple for you to understand. We will tell you why it works so that you can apply your knowledge to new situations day after day. In each circumstance, you will know how to attract new investment assets and uncover people’s risk-based wants. This program will help you with twenty-one key areas of your financial planning practice: You will be more relevant in the fact finder. Prospects will want to talk to you. You will be more attractive and genuine to people in your fact finders. Clients will view you as being their partner. You will build better relationships with prospects and clients. You’ll look forward to meeting with every prospect. More clients will introduce you to new prospects than ever before. Clients will want to be friends with you. Your prospects will give you the right data in the fact finder. People will want what you have to offer. You don’t have to know all the answers. People will instantly see how you can make their finances better. You will be more organized and efficient in the fact finder. People will ask you just the right amount of questions. You don’t have to prove your worth to anybody anymore. You’ll get paid for helping people in ways you never dreamed of. You can work with people in a more friendly and profitable way. You will start to create cases where there wasn’t a case prior. Clients will send you more thank-you cards. You will attract more high-dollar clients. These techniques will make your life sweeter. By the End of this Program, You Will Learn How to… Session #1: Prepare to be Your Best Set the Stage to be Grounded Ground Yourself Physically Ground Yourself Mentally Session #2: Set Up the Environment to Succeed Set Up the Right Location and Time of Day Do the Right Research on the Prospects Set Up the Right Energy and Mood Session #…

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