Forex Trading: Comprehensive & Concise Forex Trading Course Udemy

Forex Trading: Comprehensive & Concise Forex Trading Course by Luciano Kelly

The Forex Trading: Comprehensive & Concise Forex Trading Course course is undoubtedly the most interesting and the most sought after by those seeking to specialize in Finance & Accounting.

Forex Trading Comprehensive Course: A Comprehensive Forex Trading Course–Learn From an actual Forex Money Manager

Also, keep in mind that Luciano Kelly, professor of the course, is an excellent professional with worldwide recognition.

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Forex Trading: Comprehensive & Concise Forex Trading Course Udemy

What is the Forex Trading: Comprehensive & Concise Forex Trading Course course about?

**** Join this course and Get a chance to win a share of a $1000 in our Demo trading account Competition for students competition ends 30th of November*** *****Saves time!!! Comprehensive and Concise ****** This course will take you from beginner to professional trader in no time. This is a comprehensive and concise course, you will learn everything from price action, candlestick patterns to Fibonacci trading in half the time it would take if you had taken a regular drawn out course. You will learn why most traders lose and why most traders get emotional. ***** Learn Fibonacci Trading***** In this course we show you the power of Fibonacci, we discuss how Fibonacci ratios are apart of our body, nature and the universe. We discuss how we arrive with the various Fibonacci numbers and the significance of each in predicting the movement of the market. You will learn how powerful Fibonacci trading is and how to trade using this system. You will also learn how to change your Fibonacci tool from the default settings. *****Risk Management, Safeguarding Profits***** Learn the importance of good risk management, learn how to set stop loss orders and how to safeguard profits for maximum return. Learn the psychology of trading, learn why most trader lose, why most traders get emotional, the importance of rule based trading and discipline. ******Support And Resistance****** Learn how to trade Forex using support and resistance, learn to identify support and resistance on charts, Learn the importance of support and resistance, how to use support and resistance as profit targets, understand how support can become resistance and how resistance can become support. ****** Trading Consolidation***** Learn the different ways you can trade a consolidation, how to trade breakouts, how to spot bear traps and bull traps. Learn what’s a trading range, learn what are whiplashes, what creates them in the Forex market and how you can profit from them. *****Trading The Flags, Pennants and Triangle***** Learn to trade the Flag pattern and learn how to identify the flag pattern on charts. Understand what are Pennants and what creates them in the Forex market Learn how to trade Pennants and Triangles, learn how to trade the different types of pennants such as ascending, descending and symmetrical pennants. Learn to trade the Diamond pennant and how to identify this type of pennant on charts *****Learn Fundamental Trading***** Once you join this course you will get 2 weeks free access to the news feed we use to trade the Forex market, just send me a message when you’re ready. You will get access to the information the banks and large institutional traders use to trade the Forex market you will be able to see trade signals from major banks as well as get detail analysis of the market sentiment. You will Learn how to use the News feed , the Economic Calendar and how to trade fundamental analysis using a step by step guide ******Trading The Head and Shoulder Pattern****** The Head and Shoulder Pattern is one of the most popular and powerful chart patterns. In this course you will learn a step by step guide to trading the Head and Shoulder Pattern and you will also learn how to identify this pattern on charts. ******Price Action, Trend Lines, Candlestick Patterns****** Learn about Trends and Trend Lines, how to draw Trend lines, how to identify Trend Lines and how to trade Trend Line breaks and bounces. Learn candlestick patterns such as Evening Stars and Bullish Engulfing candles , learn how to trade using these patterns and where to put stop-loss orders. This course is also full of powerful trading tips , trading tips that you can use to make money, so stop making stupid mistakes. Learn from an actual trader with years of experience, if you are serious about becoming a Forex Trader click the ” Take this course” button now and do something your future self will thank you for.

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Course dictated by Luciano Kelly

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