Game Audio 101: How to Create Sounds for Games Udemy

Game Audio 101: How to Create Sounds for Games by Elliot Callighan

The Game Audio 101: How to Create Sounds for Games course is undoubtedly the most interesting and the most sought after by those seeking to specialize in Game Development.

Learn game audio, sound design, and sfx creation along with artistic and technical audio skills for beginners.

Also, keep in mind that Elliot Callighan, professor of the course, is an excellent professional with worldwide recognition.

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Game Audio 101: How to Create Sounds for Games Udemy

What is the Game Audio 101: How to Create Sounds for Games course about?

Dive into making sounds for games by examining both the artistic and technological aspects of audio conceptualization and creation. We will cover the basics of sound in the physical and digital realm, uses of sound in games, sound effects editing, scoping/spotting, and sound effects delivery. At a high level, we’ll cover · The essential ways to use sound in games · Audio physics and vocabulary · How to define space with sound · Microphone types and characteristics · Recording/capturing assets · Thought process and aesthetics for Sound Design · Editing functions and navigation of Pro Tools · Creating audio asset types specific to games By looking at these topics, we’ll understand sound’s creative possibilities and the ways to make games feel immersive and real. We’ll also have a healthy dose of best practices for recording your own sounds as well as when using a Digital Audio Workstation to process and manipulate audio. This course is designed for beginner sound designers, composers and game developers. Check out Game Audio 201 & 301 to go from beginner to advanced Game Sound Designer, and learn audio implementation skills using Wwise. With this knowledge and set of tools, you’ll have a holistic skillset in game audio that will inform your work and make you that much more marketable!

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Course dictated by Elliot Callighan

Originally a violinist, Elliot began his journey in music and audio using the Suzuki method at the age of four. He began playing piano at eight, guitar at 12 and at 20, Daft Punk convinced him to give the computer a shot, too. (Thankfully!) Elliot has degrees in Music Composition and Sound Design, and his work has been featured in campaigns for United Airlines, Instagram, Spiderman: Far From Home, GMC, The Godrej Group, Chevrolet Motors, the Goodman Theatre and the Joffrey Ballet as well as many independent films and games.

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