Golf Fitness Business Tips to Get New Clients in the Door Udemy

Golf Fitness Business Tips to Get New Clients in the Door by Fran Rosario

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Best Practices Tips to Add Golfers as New Clients for Your Fitness Business

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Golf Fitness Business Tips to Get New Clients in the Door Udemy

What is the Golf Fitness Business Tips to Get New Clients in the Door course about?

Do any of these questions describe your current situation? Are you a fitness or any other body movement professional looking to increase revenue by adding golfers to your client base? Do you currently work in a fitness facility and have the desire to offer golf performance services or even venture out on your own? Do you currently work in a medical facility such as physical therapy or chiropractor locations and want to expand by adding golf fitness services? Are you just getting started, and simply have NO IDEA where to begin? Are you having difficulty connecting with the right people that refer golfers to come in to see you? Are you unsure about how to use social media to bring in new customers? Do you know that the clients you’re targeting are your ideal customer to increase the chance of success? Are you having difficulty separating yourself from the competition? Are you seeing golf prospects but not converting them into long-term paying clients? Are you unsure of what marketing techniques to use to get golfers as new fitness clients? This series of business tips was developed for those who either want to start a golf fitness business or grow their current golf fitness business. If you are a personal trainer, exercise science professional, kinesiologist, sports scientist, physiotherapist, strength and conditioning professional, athletic trainer, biomechanist, physical therapist, chiropractor, or any other body movement medical professional, these tips are designed to help you grow your golf fitness business. This series will include content about topics like what to do first, how to start a golf fitness business from scratch, what are the bare necessities for a golf fitness business, mistakes to avoid while building your golf fitness business, marketing events, and activities that get you golf fitness clients, and much more. The techniques and strategies taught in this course have been time-tested and proven to work at some of the most successful Golf Fitness facilities in the world. The intuitive layout of the course makes it easy to go back again and again ensuring the detail of each section is mastered. What People Are Saying: I am so impressed with this course “How to get clients in the door” because it literally helps you achieve what states in the title. If you are already involved in the golf fitness industry or just starting out, this course is for you, it takes you step by step through the process of not just getting more clients in the door but helps you keep them training with you as well. One important note, follow the scripts outlined in this course, I’m sure a lot of effort and time has gone into perfecting these for you, following them will bring in more clients and put more $$$ in your pocket. Dave Marcer Fitness 4 Golfers         Australia Thank you so much for this fantastic informative and inspiring course. I think the model you and your team have put together will help all attendees improve their golf fitness business and help us all make more money. Andy G. – Director of Golf Performance – Sant Cugat Del Valles, Barcelona This allows me to take my fitness certification to the next level – applying it to business, and utilizing specific tactics to grow my client base and ultimately to make a living being a Golf Fitness Professional. Gina D. Lots of great info dispersed in this course. We all need this valuable information and experience to grow our golf fitness business. Deb C. – Allison Park, PA Awesome course, It was a real eye-opener into all the different ways to get clients in the door… and to keep them coming through the door. Marketing made easy! Rob T. – Houston, TX I am a Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) Golf Fitness Specialist who knows my work very well but would freeze when it came to marketing to golf prospects. Nothing gets more frustrating but to have all this knowledge and not know how to get people to listen to me! After taking this FitGolf Golf Fitness Business Building…

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Course dictated by Fran Rosario

Fran joined FitGolf Franchises, LLC in 2004 as a consultant commissioned to standardize and create the company’s sales, marketing, and training programs. In 2005, Fran became an employee as the Vice President of Sales and Marketing before he became Sr. Vice President of Business Development

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