Growth Mindset: The Key to Greater Confidence and Impact Udemy

Growth Mindset: The Key to Greater Confidence and Impact by Diane Flynn

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Growth Mindset: The Key to Greater Confidence and Impact Udemy

What is the Growth Mindset: The Key to Greater Confidence and Impact course about?

Do you always play it safe? Worry about failing? Cringe when receiving constructive feedback? Would you rather take your life and career to the next level, expand your possibilities, increase your comfort taking risks, and elevate your performance at work? Find out how shifting your mindset to one of growth can reap huge rewards, both in work and in life. A growth mindset is the belief that you can constantly learn, grow, and improve. By becoming comfortable taking risks, receiving feedback, learning from experience, and reframing “failure,” you’re on your way to a growth mindset and a happier, more fulfilling life. In this course, you will: Identify when you’re showing up with a fixed mindset , and how this might be holding you back at work and in life Discover 6 roadblocks that may be keeping you from having a growth mindset, including Lack of confidence Fear of failure Fear of success Perfectionism Inertia Just plain feeling stuck. Try proven strategies to address each roadblock Take the One Yes challenge to step out of your comfort zone, adopt stretch goals, and reflect on what you learned Bring a growth mindset to your organization , and discover how this can positively impact culture, innovation, engagement, and retention Move from a need to prove to a desire to IMprove Complete reflection exercises and worksheets to expand your learning and accelerate your growth I’m Diane Flynn, your instructor for this course. Adopting a growth mindset has changed my life. By continually stepping out of my comfort zone, I’ve been able to embrace new possibilities, connect with life-changing individuals, and experience transformational change. I want the same for you, and hope that you will join me in this course. Invest an hour of your time with me, and you will heighten your awareness of ways to stretch into new roles and expand opportunities for joy and success! “Diane Flynn is one of the best workshop facilitators on the subject of adopting a growth mindset and being open to change. She has world-class instincts about people and is phenomenal in reading a room with respect to what a group needs. And, most importantly, she models the perfect alchemy of direct and respectful guidance that helps workshop participants feel both stretched and cared for.” – Chip Conley , Airbnb Strategic Advisor, Founder of the Modern Elder Academy and NYT Best-selling author CPE (Continuing Professional Education) Learning Objectives Define growth mindset and fixed mindset. Identify the beliefs and traits of those with growth and fixed mindsets. Recognize key findings from Carol Dweck’s growth mindset research. Describe self-limiting beliefs, how they prevent personal growth, and techniques to challenge them. Recite 4 common misperceptions some may have about growth mindset Describe how mindsets show up in organizations. Name six roadblocks that can prevent the development of a growth mindset and strategies for overcoming them. For additional information including refunds and complaints, please see Udemy Terms of Use , which is linked from the footer of this page. For more information regarding administrative policies, please contact our support using the Help and Support link at the bottom of this page.

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Course dictated by Diane Flynn

Diane Flynn is Cofounder and CEO of ReBoot Accel, designing work cultures that support and advance women. She facilitates workshops and coaches individuals interested in growing their careers, impact, and confidence. Diane also consults with Fortune 500 companies on gender diversity and building cultures where each voice is heard. She co-authored The Upside , supporting the business case for gender diversity. ReBoot Accel has been featured on The Today Show, WSJ, Forbes, ABC News, NBC, PRI’s The TakeAway, and the HuffPost.

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