Hands on big data streaming with Apache Storm Udemy

Hands on big data streaming with Apache Storm by Ganapathi Devappa

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A developer course for Apache Storm with Hands on practice

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Hands on big data streaming with Apache Storm Udemy

What is the Hands on big data streaming with Apache Storm course about?

Apache Storm is a popular tool for processing streaming big data in real time. Through this course, you will master writing Apache Storm programs in Java and also write interfaces to get data from tools like Kafka and Twitter, process in Storm and save to tables in Cassandra or files in Hadoop HDFS. You will also practice writing stateful processing of streaming data. Lot of practice demos and activities for provided for hands on learning, so you will implement the programs  on your laptop.

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Course dictated by Ganapathi Devappa

A cloud and big data specialist with more than 20 years in the IT  industry. I have been a developer, database administrator, technical manager, big data consultant and a cloud consultant. I am a Cloudera certified Hadoop administrator and a Google Cloud Certified Professional Cloud Architect. I have been working as a Cloud architect and big data consultant for last five years. I have provided big data consultancy including machine learning in Spark for organizations like Verizon and Cognizant Technologies. I have helped many organizations move to cloud computing with both Google Cloud and AWS cloud. I also conduct classroom and online training in Cloud and big data technologies like Google BigQuery, Amazon Redshift, Amazon EMR, Hadoop, Spark, Storm, Kafka and No-SQL databases like Hbase and Cassandra as well as big data foundation classes. I have conducted big data classes for Simplilearn in India, Colaberry in the US and Apex Global Learning in the Philippines. I am also a blogger on Cloud and big data and you can see my videos on Youtube.

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