Hands-On Writing: Tips, Tools, and Real Content Examples Udemy

Hands-On Writing: Tips, Tools, and Real Content Examples by Alexandra Cote

The Hands-On Writing: Tips, Tools, and Real Content Examples course is undoubtedly the most interesting and the most sought after by those seeking to specialize in Content Marketing.

Using web writing to take your business to Google’s first page in 2019 and increase your sales – NO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED!

Also, keep in mind that Alexandra Cote, professor of the course, is an excellent professional with worldwide recognition.

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Hands-On Writing: Tips, Tools, and Real Content Examples Udemy

What is the Hands-On Writing: Tips, Tools, and Real Content Examples course about?

Are you looking for a way to fix the content you write and rank higher on Google? I have created the Hands-On Writing: Tips, Tools, and Real Content Examples course as the most engaging course on writing and staying productive while creating written content. I aimed to turn this into the only course you’ll ever need to get you started with writing EFFECTIVE content. This 3-in-1 course combines writing with content marketing and productivity hacks . We’ll discuss the myth of the writer’s block, why some content fails, how to get your first ACTIVE readers, and so much more. I’ll also show you how I write an article from start to finish and how you can use modern tools and artificial intelligence to create better content (you’ll love this). I started this course with real article examples in mind because I believe you need to see what good writing actually looks like and not just hear about it. This content writing course targets all kinds of writers, combining both fundamental tips and advanced hands-on content analysis . If you’re a beginner you can enjoy the introductory theory on writing, its importance, and its challenges. For more advanced writers , I’ve prepared a series of activities and real-life content examples we’ll analyze together so you can learn how you can get your content and brand on that first page of Google . Hands-On Writing: Tips, Tools, and Real Content Examples is a perfect choice for anyone involved in web writing , content writing , copywriting , content marketing , and even for digital marketers , business owners , entrepreneurs , and freelancers who are looking into creating better content for a personal project or to promote your clients’ brands. I promise to deliver a fun learning experience with occasional jokes and lots of fun activities and quizzes . I’ll keep things simple and concise while I show you how YOU can come up with your own unique content ideas and optimize your content to its full potential so you can appeal to both your readers and Google’s bots. This course for writing web content is also a good fit for you if you’re looking for extra motivation to get you started with writing and write the content you’ve always dreamed of. Together we’ll discuss both common and specific writing situations so you can be prepared to write for any audience and deliver the results they want. As a bonus, I am always available to answer any questions you might have. I’ll use my experience and knowledge to guide you through this learning journey, help you improve your writing on a technical and emotional level, and get you started with taking your content one step further. A large part of this content writing and strategy course focuses on letting you find out if writing is really the right career for you and if you’ve got the right traits for this profession. I’ll also gladly assist you with getting started in your career as a content writer. The course is aimed to boost your confidence and show you how everyone can create valuable content for the web. Here’s a detailed look at what each section of this writing course will teach you : Section 1 – I’ll introduce you into the world of writing and help you find out if you have the right writing skills . I’ll also show you how you can use the power of a story to sell your brand and differentiate yourself from your competitors . Section 2 – We’ll discuss the “writer’s block” myth and how you can overcome your writing blocks . I’ll teach to to generate new ideas efficiently and I’ve also reached out to other professional web writers to offer you an up-close insight into handle their challenges when it comes to writing content. Section 3 – You’ll learn some tested methods in which you can brainstorm timely new ideas with minimal effort , develop a buyer persona to better understand readers and their needs, and we’ll look into how you can use specific hacks to keep readers focused on your content so they choose to read YOUR articles . Section 4 – I…

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