Hermeneutics: Principles of Interpreting the Bible Udemy

Hermeneutics: Principles of Interpreting the Bible by Dr. Stuart Pattico

The Hermeneutics: Principles of Interpreting the Bible course is undoubtedly the most interesting and the most sought after by those seeking to specialize in Religion & Spirituality.

Learn how to interpret the Bible accurately! Study the branch of theology that deals with principles of interpretation.

Also, keep in mind that Dr. Stuart Pattico, professor of the course, is an excellent professional with worldwide recognition.

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Hermeneutics: Principles of Interpreting the Bible Udemy

What is the Hermeneutics: Principles of Interpreting the Bible course about?

Do you desire to have a better understanding of the Bible?  Would you like to be able to handle God’s word with confidence?  If so, this course is for you! Hermeneutics is the branch of Christian theology that deals with how we interpret the Bible.  This course takes you through the important principles that must be followed in order to interpret and understand God’s word correctly.  You will be equipped to better understand the Bible and to handle it with confidence.  Pastors and ministers will also be better equipped to preach / teach from the Bible with greater accuracy. This course covers: What the Bible is Why there are so many translations Pre-requisites of biblical interpretation The importance of context, historical setting, and a passage’s geography Figures of speech and features of biblical poetry Drawing out the intended meaning of a passage (exegesis) vs reading into a passage a meaning that is not there (eisegesis) Understanding why a particular book in the Bible was written, and how this informs interpretation Comparing your understanding of a passage with what the rest of the Bible teaches This course also includes an electronic copy of my book, ‘Making Sense of the Bible’.

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Course dictated by Dr. Stuart Pattico

I’m Dr. Stuart Pattico, the Senior Pastor and Founder of Joy Community Church and the author of several Christian books including ‘Firm Foundations’, ‘The Holy Spirit Manual’, ‘The Anointing’, ‘Praying with Power’, ‘Hearing God’s Voice’, ‘Moving in the Prophetic’, ‘The Glory Within You’, ‘Discover and Fulfil Your Purpose’, and ‘Making Sense of the Bible’.

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