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How natural fertility can help you become pregnant by Melanie Rivers

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How natural fertility can help you become pregnant Udemy

What is the How natural fertility can help you become pregnant course about?

Are you struggling to become pregnant? Is it taking longer much longer for you to become pregnant then you had thought it would? Perhaps you don’t have much time left or you are having medical fertility treatments and despite working with specialised fertility doctors using cutting edge medicine, you are still not pregnant? If you are starting to feel worried, frustrated, defeated and wondering what other options you might have and what else you can do, then this message is for you. Here’s why. I want to introduce you to a proven and effective fertility method that will help you to properly prepare your body, your eggs and his sperm for a successful conception and pregnancy (either naturally or via assisted conception). And you need to realize that there is a cost to not doing this. If you just keep doing what you have been doing it is just going to worse and you might run out of time. You see what most people do when they are struggling to become pregnant is to try a few different things here and there to see what might help. They eat what they believe is a healthy diet, they take supplements, they might join a gym to do some exercise or try and lose a bit of weight and they try to make healthier lifestyle choices. Of course, in some cases this is too overwhelming or difficult for couples and instead they opt to go straight to medical fertility treatments like IVF. But for a lot of people, none of that works. They don’t really know what a balanced fertility diet is that will provide them with all the nutrients they need for general health and egg and sperm health. They self-prescribe supplements which in many cases does more harm than good. They aren’t aware of the effects of a lack of sleep and stress on their fertility. In many cases they are timing intercourse at the wrong time in their cycle and missing their fertile window and ovulation month after month. They don’t know which lifestyle choices they should make or how to go about doing this, whether they should give up coffee, alcohol and how to lose weight without suffering or compromising their hormone balance and ovulation in the process. Some people just put their faith straight into medical fertility treatments hoping that doctors will make it happen for them. So, what happens if you continue to do nothing? If you just keep doing what you’ve been doing? Well time will run out because as you know, women aren’t able to have children forever. Why natural fertility is the key to properly preparing your body for a successful conception and a healthy full-term pregnancy. I’ve got an answer that works. Here’s the story. When I first started working in the area of natural fertility, I worked with many women who had been diagnosed with unexplained infertility or who had been told that they should go straight to expensive and invasive medical fertility treatments. Now I knew from my studies in nutrition and naturopathy that fundamentally a healthy body is a fertile body. So, when I would meet with these woman and couples I could see straight away that they weren’t eating properly, exercising consistently, they were sleep deprived, stressed, making poor lifestyle choices and exposing their body, eggs and sperm to environmental chemicals and toxins. Many couples were also overweight and suffering with niggling underlying health conditions that in many cases were lifestyle related. When I looked at their overall health profiles, I could see that there were usually multiple factors impacting their hormone balance, egg and sperm health and their overall health. I knew that in most cases like these, that a natural fertility approach would work. Many of these couples had tried a few things like diet and supplements and then frustrated had opted to go straight to medical fertility treatments. But even that wasn’t working. Yes, medicine is amazing. The doctor takes an egg and a sperm, puts them together and plants them back into the female body to make a baby. Easy right….

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