How to build a high performing website from scratch Udemy

How to build a high performing website from scratch by Steph Hatt

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How to build a high performing website from scratch Udemy

What is the How to build a high performing website from scratch course about?

Do you have a great business idea and want to get the word out to the world? A great way to achieve this is by building your very own website. A website will act as a window into your business and anyone will be able to land on your page, so first impressions really do count! A good website can generate a significant income stream for your business and this is why it’s one of my 1O pillars of fundamental marketing. Building a website is an important step in growing a business, but how do you build a website to attract new customers with limited to no experience? Well, you’re just about to find out in this course! Although the adverts on TV make it seem like you can build a website with the click of a button, this isn’t really how it plays out in reality. Building a website takes time and planning. That being said, it’s easier now than ever before to build a website without advanced technical skills and knowledge. This means that start-ups and small businesses are able to get online within a matter of days. At first, the idea of building a website from scratch can feel quite daunting. I’ve gone through this process myself, learnt the classic mistakes and have used that experience to create this beginners guide to building a website. I’ll be taking you through a step by step guide to creating a website with little budget, as well as giving you some great tips on how to outsource the creation of your website. Throughout this course, you will learn: What makes a great website How to build and manage a DIY website using drag and drop platforms How to outsource the creation of your website How to purchase your domain name How to choose the right hosting provider 3 great tools for ongoing website management and analysis How to get maximum exposure to your website I look forward to seeing you inside!

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