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How to combat cancer? by Saba Hoda

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How to combat cancer? Udemy

What is the How to combat cancer? course about?

Almost everybody has heard about cancer. The truth is: cancer is common, widespread and it can be fatal. However, around 30 to 50% of cancers are preventable. There are science-proven ways for us to combat cancer. In this course, you will learn, from a physician and a pathologist, the latest scientific principles that everybody needs to know for protection against many common malignancies. We often think that cancer is a spell that falls over us, that we are powerless victims of a devastating situation called cancer. In this course, we will learn that we can avoid the pain and misery caused by many cancers. By knowing some simple principles, we will have the power of science at our service. The idea behind this course is a health coaching idea. Many of our everyday activities and lifestyle factors leave us prone to cancer. So, cancer prevention needs some changes in our habits and ways of living, and that is what a health coach does. I wholeheartedly believe that knowledge about cancer prevention and screening should be part of any health coaching or alternative medicine programs. This course is also for everyone interested in health and longevity. The information here should be part of everyone’s general knowledge. The combat against cancer has three pillars: prevention, screening and early diagnosis. These are the principles you will learn. Your instructor is an experienced physician and a pathologist with a long-term background in teaching different levels of students. To add credit to this course, I have also used the experience and knowledge of my wife. She is an oncologist. We prepared this course together. We intend to present to you the basic knowledge that we believe everybody needs to know about cancer. By taking this course, you will be equipped with the general scientific knowledge that you can use to your benefit or the benefit of your clients or your loved ones. Knowing these basic facts prevents many of the unnecessary sufferings and agonies of cancer. So do not hesitate to take this course. This course is about the knowledge against cancer and, remember, knowledge is power. What are the main topics of this course? What is cancer? In the first step, you will learn, in simple language, what cancer is and how healthy cells turn into cancerous cells. Why knowing about cancer is important? You will see a summary of the statistics showing that cancer is a real health problem, and we can never neglect it. What causes cancer? The first step to fight cancer is to understand how cancer develops and what causes cancer. And this is where the journey against cancer starts. You will learn about cancer’s environmental risk factors and the lifestyle factors that leave us prone to cancer. You will know what we need to avoid or what we need to do to decrease cancer risk. We will also talk about the infectious causes of cancer and what you can do to protect yourself and your children against some of those agents. What is cancer screening? For some common cancers, there are screening methods that everybody needs to know and understand. These screening methods let you detect pre-cancerous changes before the disease even manifest. You will learn about these fundamental screening guidelines in this course. How to diagnose cancer before it is advanced and incurable? You will learn some of the common symptoms of cancer. These symptoms are not specific to cancer, but if we know them and will not neglect them, we have the chance of diagnosing cancer early enough, when there is still time for a complete treatment. Who is this course for? -Health and wellness coaches -Alternative and complementary medicine practitioners -Everybody with a passion for living a healthy life. The course does not need any prerequisites. What you will learn: -Why cancer cells behave the way they behave. -What to avoid in the environment to prevent cancer, -Ways to protect ourselves against the cancer-producing impact of the sun -The lifestyle factor…

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Course dictated by Saba Hoda

Saba Hoda is a physician and a pathologist. He has 29 years of experience as a pathologist. He has taught pathology and lab medicine at the university for 12 years, to students at all levels of study, from undergraduates to dentistry and medical students. Saba is also a hypnotherapist and runs a hypnotherapy clinic. After such a lengthy background in dealing with physical and mental health issues, Saba has come to the idea that there is a strong relationship between our health and our lifestyle. Some factors in our lifestyle endanger our health, and changing these factors can protect us from many of the most common diseases. This is the main reason he decided to prepare some online courses. The primary purpose of the courses is to spread some basic health knowledge and to make people aware of how our lifestyle is related to our health, with the hope that these courses help us live a healthier and happier life.

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