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How to Design Banner Ads Easily for Busy Entrepreneur by Emily Chai

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Learn how to Design Banner Ads Easily Without Hire Graphic Designer

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How to Design Banner Ads Easily for Busy Entrepreneur Udemy

What is the How to Design Banner Ads Easily for Busy Entrepreneur course about?

Are you struggling to get sales in your Dropshipping/ Online Business? In this Digital Era, starting an e-commerce store is no longer a secret or things that a few people do. If it was in a past where technologies is not advance, internet has not been invented, starting a business with a shy personality seems like a Big NO especially when you have limited budget to get started with. However, with the ease of internet and low barrier entry, a lot of people had venture into Online Business just like You did. This lead to tight competition and give consumers hell lot of choices to pick with. If you’re not good in getting them to notice you, even a talented person like you would be hidden by the crowd. So how exactly are you gonna make money if nobody notice how awesome you’re and buy stuff from you? The answer for you is to learn how to design ads/ creative that will make people notice you!! You see, Ads is like a token that will decide your future, either it will burn you down or make you rich. If you can create some graphic that would catch people’s attention, basically you’re gonna strive through the odds. Are you ready to Learn it? In this course, We will be Focus in Banner Ads Design , which is a crucial element in succeeding your business. I also explained why some dropshipper is not getting sales, why your ads cost getting expensive. At the end of this course, You will be able to Design Ads that will help you to catch people’s attention that even a beginner or  non-graphic designer can design like a pro and stand out among the crowd. Remember, The more people notice you, the more people who likely to buy from you. This Course is intended for Busy Entrepreneur & Complete Beginner who is in their entrepreneurship journey that wanna learn how to design without hire graphic designer. It is an Ideal course for individual who just starting up their business and having a hard time to learn complicated software such as Photoshop. In this course, we show you How to use a FREE Beginner Friendly Apps to create Banner Ads that can achieve the same outcome such as Photoshop which will save up your time and money! What you Get from this Course? -Understand the reason why your ads cost is getting expensive, why you’re not getting sales -Save time & money by learning how to design without the need of hire expensive graphic designer that will take a lot of time to do revision to deliver to you. -No expensive and complicated software required to get started (Using FREE+ BEGINNER FRIENDLY APPS) -Beginner & Busy people can master this skill easily literally in 1 hour or less. Who is this Course for? – Complete Beginner who had no idea how to Design or Create Banner Ads for their Business – Busy Entrepreneur who want to save money and pump more money into their Business – Individual who wanna Learn How to Design without using Photoshop

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Course dictated by Emily Chai

Emily Chai is an creative entrepreneur who constantly explore more ways to make money online and lead everyone to reach financial freedom together with her. Do you know, a Business without Sales is less likely gonna survive? With all the information flooding the internet, it makes it hard for you to identify the real way to do things right. After several failure venture into E-commerce Business, she discover that having proper knowledge to apply them is extremely important to build a long term business. With the right method used, she restart her e-commerce store and generate 10k in 3.5 months, turning a loss into profit in an Asia Platform called Shopee which is something that she can’t imagine she can achieve if she give up at the point where she fail her first two Business. She said that no matter who you’re, one should always have the willingness to learn and grab the opportunity in front of you and diversify your income. Her vision is to teach more people that willing to invest themselves, develop a high income skill that would change their life. She believe that when she is helping others to change their life, it will help her to build a trustworthy personal brand as well.

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