How to make friends and create better social circles. Udemy

How to make friends and create better social circles. by TJ Guttormsen

The How to make friends and create better social circles. course is undoubtedly the most interesting and the most sought after by those seeking to specialize in Personal Development.

A guide for adults who are ready to improve their social life.

Also, keep in mind that TJ Guttormsen, professor of the course, is an excellent professional with worldwide recognition.

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How to make friends and create better social circles. Udemy

What is the How to make friends and create better social circles. course about?

Do you feel like you lack friends in your life? Do you ever feel lonely? Or would you simply like to freshen up and increase your social circles a little bit? In this course, Norway’s most high-profile social and communications coach TJ Guttormsen shares the strategies and techniques used by thousands of people across the world to transform their social lives. TJ’s expertise in social skills and personal networking is highly sought after, and he’s done well over 100 national media appearances in his home country discussing the topic. Now living in Las Vegas, TJ is taking his work internationally yet again, and for the first time sharing these strategies – usually reserved for workshops and coaching valued in the thousands of dollars – in an affordable online program available for anyone. “In short, if someone asks me how to be a good friend, I’ll just show them this course. It has all you need to know about how to make new friends, how to be a good friend and how you can benefit of it. And even more. In details. This course is very well structured, it leads you step-by-step from basic info and principles to real-life practical guides and strategies that you can start using immediately.” – ALEXANDER SHEVTSOV, UDEMY STUDENT “Simple and efficient. Perfectly realistic advice! So I would say…dare to apply this training and get what you want! Already working for me!” – ALBERT FERNANDEZ, UDEMY STUDENT The problem. More adults are lonely or dissatisfied with their social life than ever before. Studies have shown that at least 20% of Americans feel lonely on a daily basis, and as many as 12% have said that they have no one to talk to. And these numbers are not any lower in the rest of the world. Even many of the ones who aren’t lonely are still not happy. They feel like they lack opportunities to socialize in the way they want, with the kind of people they want. They have become trapped in routines that keep them from fully enjoying life with other people. As adults, we tend to have less exposure to new potential friends than we did as children. We used to almost continuously meet new kids through school, hobbies, sports, or just on the neighborhood’s playgrounds. And the simple act of being in the same place repeatedly tended to create bonds and friendships for many. In adulthood, most of us have lost those arenas. And even when we do spend time in public with other adults, we hardly ever interact with them in any meaningful way that might lead to more than – at best – a superficial conversation. Time and energy tend to be in shorter supply too, and many are simply unsure of how to approach someone new, and how to follow up on people we like to create a friendship with them. We have become a population of adults who spend time around each other – but not with each other. “Great material. Very well organized and presented. TJ makes the information easy to implement. It’s not rocket science, it’s a duplicatable process. Thanks!” – MARIE MANNING, UDEMY STUDENT The solutions. In this course, TJ gives you the solutions to all these challenges and more. TJ’s teaching style is clear and straight to the point, with no fluff, abstract concepts, or guessing games. In the first section alone, you’ll learn simple and easily understandable techniques and tactics that will help you: – Easily and comfortably start conversations with new people. – Create conversations that are interesting to you and that attract the right type of people. – Go from a superficial first conversation to something more meaningful. – Move potential friendships forward easily and naturally. – Turn acquaintances into friends. – Multiply your friendships with one simple strategy. – And much more. In the second section, TJ shares simple and practical advice on how and where to meet other adults who are likely to also be on the lookout for new friendships themselves. You’ll, among other things, learn: – Where people open to – and even looking for – new social con…

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Course dictated by TJ Guttormsen

TJ Guttormsen has worked with multi-million dollar international businesses, CEOs, award-winning musicians, Olympic athletes and people like you and me for over a decade – helping them improve their communication, social confidence, and performance.

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