How to overcome Perfectionism and Fear of Failure? Udemy

How to overcome Perfectionism and Fear of Failure? by Narmina Gasimova

The How to overcome Perfectionism and Fear of Failure? course is undoubtedly the most interesting and the most sought after by those seeking to specialize in Personal Development.

How to overcome the need to be the first, the most, the best of all. Perfectionism in relationships, at work, in family

Also, keep in mind that Narmina Gasimova, professor of the course, is an excellent professional with worldwide recognition.

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How to overcome Perfectionism and Fear of Failure? Udemy

What is the How to overcome Perfectionism and Fear of Failure? course about?

Do you strive to be perfect ? Never feeling fully satisfied with where things are now? Do you think you are not good enough , think of yourself as a loser ? If you want to be the most, the first and the best of all…Stop it! Perfectionism is destroying you. Perfectionists are highly critical of others and themselves. They strive to achieve their best performance and goals in everything they do. What they can’t accept in themselves is something they reject in others. They try to please others with their performance. And although it encourages them to excel, it also instills a fear of failure. If you strive to be perfect, you tend to compare yourself with others and often try to demean them. People try hard to have their lives look perfect in order to mask massive underlying issues. Do any of these statements sound familiar to you? I have been told I am too judgmental, often thinking the worst of others I feel that others have unrealistically high expectations of me I hate asking for help, because it can be perceived as a flaw or weakness I can’t stand being interrupted I can’t stand it if my house/office is not organised meticulously I think that others are constantly judging me and feeling dissatisfied with me. I get really upset when I feel criticized I feel I have to do everything myself because nobody can do things properly I can’t stop thinking about a mistake I made It is difficult for me to delegate I want something either perfect or not at all I am constantly checking and rechecking work before considering it finished I am careful about how I phrase things so people will like me I find it very difficult to say ‘no’ I feel guilty if I take time for myself Asking for what I want is hard for me I avoid any situation which could be confrontational I am reluctant to form relationships with others for fear of being rejected or looking foolish I get irritated when others don’t get things right When I have made a decision I often doubt my choice I avoid social situations because I feel uncomfortable I feel inferior to people more successful, more attractive than me People will look down on me if I look foolish or make a mistake I feel devastated if I make a mistake I am very competitive and can’t stand doing worse than others I avoid trying things I might not be good at I don’t want others see my imperfections I worry about what people will think of me I want to be thought of as a nice person I am a fault-finder, I must correct other people when they are wrong I find myself obsessing about the finer details of a task I felt that I could never meet my parents’ expectations It is hard for me to complain about a poor product or service I tend to be quite critical of my family/colleagues which causes arguments and bad feelings I feel anxious if I think someone might think badly of me I am very self-conscious about making mistakes in front of other people If I don’t do well all the time people won’t respect me I hate it if I don’t get something right from the beginning Every project I do has to be 100-percent perfect I don’t like it when others don’t do something the way I do I like to be ready for everything that can happen If I gain a few pounds, I will look like a pig I am often tense and depressed when I need to do something I can be very fixated on details If people knew my true self, they would dislike me If during a diet I eat one cookie, I continue to eat because I have already ruined the diet I will look terrible if I wear shorts because my legs are fat I often use the word “must”. Entertaining is good, but only after I finish all the work I am never really satisfied with my work; it never feels completely finished My self-confidence depends on my achievements If I fail, I tend to ruminate about it over and over again. I can never have anyone over to dinner because my house is messy It’s hard for me to finish projects because I can always do something more to improve them If my report isn’t perfect, I’ll get fir…

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Course dictated by Narmina Gasimova

My name is Narmina. I am a psychologist and founder of the center for personal growth.

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