How to start a Christmas Lighting Business Udemy

How to start a Christmas Lighting Business by Kevin Daly

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How to start a Christmas Lighting Business Udemy

What is the How to start a Christmas Lighting Business course about?

Christmas Home Lighting Team teaches you exactly how to open your holiday lighting business in this course. It’s easy, we’ve done it with great success for the last 6 years, and recorded our little lessons every step of the way. (Last year we brought in $52,000 in revenue, and only spent $2,600 marketing our service) What you’ll learn… Unique and fresh ways of marketing your new service How to train yourself or your crew to install lights safely AND quickly What you should recommend to clients How to sell effectively How to price your work How to estimate material needs What type of lights work best for each application How to schedule effectively for maximum profits, and minimum problems How to pay your crew to align everyone’s motives How to lock in profit margins What jobs to avoid (CAUTION!) How to fix lighting outages Preferred vendors to use – pricing vs. quality vs. availability How to convert your current customer base into Holiday Lighting clients, and vice versa How to ensure business success with our full fledged troubleshooting videos/ written guide You’ll get copies of 18 documents which include all of our actual proposal blanks, sales scripts, flyers, and so much more. Hands on lessons are given via 12 separate videos on countless valuable insights and tips on all subjects from installation to sales to troubleshooting lighting issues, so be prepared to pause and take notes. BONUS! – you’ll even learn how to craft our innovative “whiz-wand” which makes uninstalling lights a breeze. We haven’t used a ladder to uninstall lights in 3 years, because of this tool. That’s allowed us to make a ton more money with uninstalls (we charge to uninstall also, and they store the lights!!!). We can do up to 5 per day at an average rate of $300 each. The Holiday Lighting service industry is sometimes written off in the contracting community as something that has limited potential. Because of that view point, the competition that does exist in this arena cannot even compete! Their sales processes, installation processes, scheduling systems, and actual know-how causes them to give up before they’ve even seen a dime – which in short means that we win… EVERY-TIME. Invest in yourself, invest in your business – Our average job size in Princeton, NJ last year was $1,100 to install only – why should you care? You already have the tools, if your a contractor You already have the guys You’ll make the money back from this course after your first job You’ll learn from 5 years worth of lessons and mistakes You’ll make your winter financial outlook change drastically (finally, in a good way.) You can keep your crew off of unemployment, and happily working You don’t have to pray for snow to plow You don’t have to sell your services a bottom dollar rates just to keep everyone working THE LIST GOES ON… In closing, the lessons that are taught in this course (regarding pay structure and scheduling) can be applied to your other contracting endeavors, which really set you up as a business owner to stop letting your business run YOU! YOUR SUPPOSED TO BE RUNNING YOUR BUSINESS! (I mean it’s not even alive……. or is it???)

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Course dictated by Kevin Daly

Kevin Daly has 15+ years experience in various fields of construction & construction management. Since 2012, he has grown 4 separate trades related companies that generate over a million dollars in revenue, annually (Christmas Home Lighting Team, HomeGlowPros Painting, Paint Theory LLC, and PaintersRx™ Estimating Software). He is a South Jersey native (proud to be) who is changing the painting & lighting industry, one methodical step at a time.

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