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How to train a perfect puppy by Geraldine Poncin

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How to train a perfect puppy Udemy

What is the How to train a perfect puppy course about?

Did you recently get a puppy? This online course will help you easily raise a perfect puppy. We all want to share our life with beautiful and happy dogs, being able to go out on adventures with them without being worried that they might react to something, or invite visitors over without having to lock our dogs up, but instead having them around, with our guests being amazed how well behaved our dogs are. I know the feeling, and there is nothing that makes us prouder. This is what I want for you and every new puppy parent. By joining our course you will have access to a trainer who cares about your results as much as you do. I will give you all the secrets on how to raise a puppy that you can be proud of. In this online course you will learn how to teach your puppy the basics like sit, down, stand, but we will also go over toilet training, puppy mouthing, preventing separation anxiety, barking and jumping up and introduction to leash walking, all the foundation skills necessary to have a well-mannered dog in an ever changing world. PROGRAM Basic commands: sit, down, stand, go to bed Toilet training Puppy mouthing Introduction to leash walking Fun tricks: roll over, spin Separation anxiety prevention Barking prevention Jumping up prevention Socialisation

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My name is Geraldine, I am a dog trainer, a dog fosterer, a dog lover.

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