How to Use Automation Clips in FL Studio Udemy

How to Use Automation Clips in FL Studio by Riley Weller

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Automatically Control Parameters in Your Music Program through Automation to Make Your Music WAY MORE Interesting!

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How to Use Automation Clips in FL Studio Udemy

What is the How to Use Automation Clips in FL Studio course about?

Are you ready for the next technique which will significantly improve your productions? Meet Automation Clips . Automation clips allows us as producers to set tasks up prior, to run out automatically when our song plays! And in terms of creativity – what can you automate? Pretty much anything you can think of inside of your music program (in our case of this course, FL Studio.) Think about it, adjusting that vocal with some of its words too loud, or too quiet, we can easily automate one word and make the perfect sounding vocal. Or, what about a really cool effect sound – Maybe we only want the effect to be really prominent in the chorus of the song, but dial it back come verse time. This is all obtainable with Automation Clips . It is my goal of this course to teach you BEST PRACTICES with automation clips inside of FL Studio. FL Studio has some nuances (some gotchas) that you should really be aware of so you don’t make things harder for yourself! Let me teach you best practices behind automation clips. I’ll not only teach you best practices, but reveal a lot of common industry techniques which will get you right up to speed with your favorite producers and songs! # GratuiTous

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Course dictated by Riley Weller

GratuiTous (Riley Weller) is an artist and producer for the name of Jesus.  He is an author, educator, and podcast host of ‘ Music Production Made Simple’ .

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