Hypnotherapy, Mysticism, & Darkness – A Podcast Seminar Udemy

Hypnotherapy, Mysticism, & Darkness – A Podcast Seminar by Joseph Drumheller

The Hypnotherapy, Mysticism, & Darkness – A Podcast Seminar course is undoubtedly the most interesting and the most sought after by those seeking to specialize in Lifestyle.

True Stories of Spiritual Awakenings, Miraculous Healings, and Encounters with the Dark Side

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Hypnotherapy, Mysticism, & Darkness - A Podcast Seminar Udemy

What is the Hypnotherapy, Mysticism, & Darkness – A Podcast Seminar course about?

Come learn from Master Clinical Hypnotherapist, Joseph Drumheller! Over 16,000 online students in 147 countries 40+ online courses Conducted 2,000+ private healing sessions 4-time award-winning author Worked 6 years in cancer radiation clinic as a Clinical Hypnotherapist Hypnotherapy, Miracles, Mysticism, & Darkness – A Podcast Seminar is a refreshing departure from my other courses. Instead of providing ‘how-to’ instruction and meditation techniques, I’ll be telling true stories, in an interview format, of actual spiritual awakenings, mystical experiences, and miraculous healings. These stories have been gathered from nearly three decades in my work as a Clinical Hypnotherapist. When someone starts dabbling in the worlds of meditation and energy healing, sooner or later, something will happen that defies logic and the laws of the physical world. In my years of experience, I’ve found it nearly impossible to teach people how to have these experiences. They’re too unpredictable and unique for each person. They only way I know how to prepare people for the powerful, meaningful, and surreal experiences that go with spiritual growth is to tell true stories of other people’s experiences. So this course will be teaching through storytelling. If you’re genuinely interested in the unusual dynamics behind meditation and spirituality, then this is for you. In this course you will learn: What genuine SPIRITUAL AWAKENINGS can be like. What KUNDALINI EXPERIENCES can be like. What DIVINE DOWNLOADS can be like. About MIRACULOUS PHYSICAL, EMOTIONAL and SPIRITUAL HEALINGS . How meditation can ATTRACT a SOUL MATE and prepare for a FATED UNION between TWIN FLAMES . About incredible encounters with ANGELS and SPIRIT GUIDES, who have appeared in the physical world to aid in healing. About life-threatening confrontations with DARKNESS . About inspirational and healing experiences with NATURE . Students will receive a PERSONALIZED CERTIFICATE upon course completion . What students are saying about Joseph’s courses: … the meditations are next-level awesome. Courtney Seard I’m doing a couple of Joseph Drumheller courses and he’s a really fantastic teacher. His approach is very genuine and authentic. He spent many years providing support to terminally ill cancer patients. Highly recommended. Phil Strong You know, Joseph, I really appreciate the reminder that unresolved emotional charges INFLUENCE our decision making and behavior. I can see that this has played out in my life to my great misfortune. At this stage of my life, it is very important for me to take charge of these ancient emotional triggers, and create a much healthier and happier existence. I love your class, Joseph. Thanks again for all of your hard work! Laurel Gay Edwards Your delivery was warm and natural and your sincerity and love of meditation shines through. I can see how much work has gone into this course and I’m sure it will reach and help many, many, many people. It’s so nice to ‘meet’ someone with very similar views on meditation and an approach to teaching that chimes with my own. I wish you every success! Linda Hall Joseph Drumheller’s practical, earthy approach to meditation, along with his soothing voice and approachability provides a comfortable place to begin a new practice or gain deeper insights to those more established. Speaking as a lifelong meditator myself, I recommend his work. Judy Blackwell I will say that the main thing I look for in someone in such a course is that they exude calm, and joy….and you do……and that they look trustworthy, good energy when you look at their eyes…. when they speak….and you do…. Marika Marks Very informative about getting started at-home meditation. I am excited to dive into Joseph’s course! Kari Moore Very professional and I loved the videos! If this is your first class online, I wouldn’t have known it. You did a great job! Judy Lynne

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Course dictated by Joseph Drumheller

Joseph Drumheller is a leader in hypnotherapy, meditation, and healing. He’s also a four-time award-winning author, with works in fiction, non-fiction, and children’s books.

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