ICOs/IEOs: Investing in Initial Coin/Exchange Offerings 2021 Udemy

ICOs/IEOs: Investing in Initial Coin/Exchange Offerings 2021 by Adelka Skotak

The ICOs/IEOs: Investing in Initial Coin/Exchange Offerings 2021 course is undoubtedly the most interesting and the most sought after by those seeking to specialize in Finance & Accounting.

Learn how to invest in Crypto Projects. From setting up ETH wallet to PRO investing strategies. Make even 10x profits!

Also, keep in mind that Adelka Skotak, professor of the course, is an excellent professional with worldwide recognition.

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ICOs/IEOs: Investing in Initial Coin/Exchange Offerings 2021 Udemy

What is the ICOs/IEOs: Investing in Initial Coin/Exchange Offerings 2021 course about?

Coin Market Wizards SERIES: Part 1 You know those once in a life time opportunities that can make you rich from nothing? Get this course OR BE MAD LATER. You hear about it everywhere. Bitcoin, Ether, Blockchain, ICO technologies, token markets. There are a lot of information circling around about all of these, but there is one thing they all have in common – TONS of money. And that’s why you’re here, you want a piece. And I will give it to you. This course is designed to transform a complete newbie into an absolute beast who can make an insane amount of money. This course will take you through the basics such as understanding the concept of blockchain, what is actually an ICO and why they offer tokens, how it works etc. to things like how to actually invest in it, what are the best strategies and how to trade the tokens on exchanges (token markets). This course is a complete guide for every person who is ready to quit the 9 to 5 and start living it up. If I were to read this description few months ago I would think this instructor is full of s**t. I would. But knowing what I know now, do yourself a favour and don’t be like me, don’t wait like I did and don’t miss any more opportunities. Once I finally took action I made 950% profit on my first trade. Jokes aside. This is THE ONE MOMENT people will talk about in 20 years, explaining how they got rich. They will all say “Oh yea, I just got lucky and got to know about ICOs quite soon before everybody did and I made a lot of money”. This is going to be that story. Such as today is the “How I got rich” story told by people who bought bitcoin soon enough when the price was less than a dollar. Sometimes to stop thinking is the best you can do. So stop thinking about it and do something. There is the money back guarantee, if I am not right, you can always get your money back. This course offers: Explanation of what an ICO is and how it works on the blockchain What are the technicalities every good ICO has to have in order to be successful on the market What is the Presale, Crowdsale, Hard/Soft Cap, Individual limit, Programmable blockchain and more How to recognise the quality of a project based on the structure, the team, the whitepaper, the Slack or Telegram channels How to catch all the presales and get the best deals, how get whitelisted for such presales and how to perform a full registration. Even how to pool with friends. What never do so you don’t lose your assets Screen-sharing videos on how to set up your own ether wallet on MyEtherWallet, how to understand all the features the site offers such as Transactions of ETH or Tokens , such as Etherscan page where you can track every transaction ever made, how to set up another wallet that offers extra features such as Metamask, the chrome plugin What is the Trezor hardware wallet and how to use it? Understanding the json file, the private key the public address, how to set up GWEI and GAS based on the importance of your transaction Explanation of the front page of an Exchange Token Site : What are Bids and Asks , what is an Order book, how to place your own order , how to understand the graph , and the Depth chart , what is Volume Especially how to Deposit and Withdraw on such Exchanges We will also look at all the Hot Exchange sites for Tokens such as Huobi, Binance, Kucoin, Idex and more. Screen-sharing of all these Exchange sites for better understanding – create and account with me and even TRADE ! Everything here! The Mooning and Dumping tendencies explained – how to try to predict them! Reading the Candlestick chart and trading with support and resistance! Trading Strategies for the best results! 3 awesome strategies that worked for me every time! To not only sugarcoat ICO’s I’ve also prepared warnings you need to know in order to always be prepared! And much much more! Just check it out yourself! Now convinced yet? To not leave you alone in it I have a PDF file prepared filled with ALL the links I myself use on…

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