Intonation Guide for Violinists – Violin Shortcuts Udemy

Intonation Guide for Violinists – Violin Shortcuts by Simon Streuff

The Intonation Guide for Violinists – Violin Shortcuts course is undoubtedly the most interesting and the most sought after by those seeking to specialize in Music.

Security of intonation on the violin

Also, keep in mind that Simon Streuff, professor of the course, is an excellent professional with worldwide recognition.

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Intonation Guide for Violinists - Violin Shortcuts Udemy

What is the Intonation Guide for Violinists – Violin Shortcuts course about?

Do you struggle with intonation? I bet the answer is somewhere between yes and sometimes, if you are a violinist. Intonation insecurities can be minimized with the right practice tools and techniques . After this course you will have: A clear guideline to improve your intonation with every practice session, regardless of your skill level and repertoire you play A better understanding how to navigate on the fingerboard with confidence A proven concept to organize intervals and shifts, so that you can reproduce good intonation not only in the practice room with ease, but even under pressure, like on stage A system how to secure intonation using just the instrument and your ears In the Intonation Guide for Violinists I will give you my best tips and exercises in a growing number of video-lessons to quickly and permanently improve your intonation. Also I support you with downloadable and printable sheet music exercises . All the concepts and tricks, that I will tell you in the Intonation Guide for Violinists, I have accumulated over years of learning and teaching the violin. They have served me and my students well for over a decade. As a professional violinist they are a backbone in my practice to prepare my repertoire efficiently and deliver on stage. Your playing will improve permanently !

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Course dictated by Simon Streuff

Simon Streuff graduated from the Hannover Music University in 2011. His teaching experience reaches back to the year 2004, where he helped out his first violin teacher through parental leave. After his graduation he taught students from the age of 5 until the age of 85 from total beginner to advanced player. Also he engaged in string classes, where he developed new concepts with a team of teachers about educating larger groups of beginner string players. He learned his craft from teachers who were not only heavily committed to violin playing but also to its pedagogy. Simon Streuff also attended several Master Classes and performs regularly on stage. His YouTube Channel with educational content about the violin counts around 10,000 subscribers and growing.

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