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Introduction to Professional Writing by NEIL KENDRICK

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Introduction to Professional Writing Udemy

What is the Introduction to Professional Writing course about?

Do You Ever Wonder If Your Reports, Proposals And Other Writing Are Having An Impact? Poor writing gets poor results. This means that the message is lost, or the reader is unconvinced. A report’s recommendations can get overlooked, and our proposals can fail to persuade donors. As a result, project’s may go off track or – without funding – may not even get started. And a lot of people find writing stressful – when it doesn’t have to be that like that. Good writers aren’t born that way. It’s a skill that is easily learned. Professional writers all: Start with clear objectives Organise their ideas logically Aim to write clearly and be understood And they are systematic. They don’t waste their time staring at the screen waiting for magic to happen. They follow a sequence of steps – thinking, planning, drafting and editing – so they manage their work without deadline stress and consistently deliver writing that has impact. Anyone can learn how to take the skills you already have and use them to write clearly and persuasively – whether it’s a report, a proposal, a press release, memo or email. This short course outlines some of the key principles of Professional Writing. I’ve trained thousand of development workers globally these simple principles. Join us today on your jourmey towards writing with impact.

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For over 20 years I’ve been helping development professionals around the world with the challenges of getting better results for their projects and beneficiaries.

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