iOS E2E Testing with Detox in Javascript Udemy

iOS E2E Testing with Detox in Javascript by Alessandro Arcella

The iOS E2E Testing with Detox in Javascript course is undoubtedly the most interesting and the most sought after by those seeking to specialize in IT & Software.

Learn to automate your native iOS app tests with Detox tool and Javascript

Also, keep in mind that Alessandro Arcella, professor of the course, is an excellent professional with worldwide recognition.

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iOS E2E Testing with Detox in Javascript Udemy

What is the iOS E2E Testing with Detox in Javascript course about?

Course updated at March 2021!!! This course covers some topics about Javascript and Typescript + Detox test framework + Continous Integration/Continuous Testing + END-TO-END Test Automation Advanced techniques!!! In these course I don’t want to teach you what you can find on online guides&tutorial, but I show you REAL Test Automation cases based on released iOS app used by thousands of users (Wikipedia app). Also, we will face common impediments and issues you can meet in your test automation coding and we will understand how to manage external agent witch are typical for E2E test flakiness. You will learn in detail: ➡️  How to setup a NodeJS environment in order to automate your tests using Detox test framework ➡️  How to run and debug an iOS app using XCode ➡️  How to write flexible and maintainable test in Typescript programming language using the Page-Object Design Pattern ➡️  Advanced test execution techinques ➡️  How to properly run test in Continuous Integration using Travis-CI and Jenkins ➡️  Flakiness Management: tips and trick on how to make tests more reliable and strong MOBILE APP QUALITY : Why automate the most tedious and repetitive tests? ➡️  Saves time and money ➡️  Today it can make the difference between a product that remains on the market and one that dies ➡️  We are in a mobile-first world ➡️  Bugs are simply not acceptable to the end user ➡️  Shorter time to market and faster releases ⏱ ➡️  It is funny 😀

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Course dictated by Alessandro Arcella

I have a degree and a master’s degree in Computer Science and for over ten years I have been dealing with software development and automatic tests for the most important IT companies in Italy. I define myself as a Software Engineer with a strong inclination for automatic testing and every tools and infrastructure related to Continuous Testing .

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