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IT Help Desk for Beginners by Jason Ruediger

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The essentials to become an IT Help Desk Technician

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IT Help Desk for Beginners Udemy

What is the IT Help Desk for Beginners course about?

you looking to enter and pursue a career in the IT Help Desk industry?  Are you searching for a resource that can
assist you with learning the basics of what IT Help Desk technicians should
know?  Or are you someone who wants to enhance
your knowledge about IT Help Desk responsibilities?  If you have answered yes to any one of these
questions, then this course, IT HELP DESK FOR BEGINNERS , is for you. In
this course we’ll guide you through the technical fundamentals of the IT Help
Desk’s role.  We’ll inform you about
various areas of technical support and even walk you through some foundational
processes on resolving issues. There’s
no need to worry about terminology because we’ll help you with definitions along
the way.  We’ll even have a few mini
assessments to help provide learning milestones for you throughout this course. Our
program of instruction is structured in an easy-to-follow way, where we’ll
cover several topics such as customer experience, software installation and
removal, basic networking, joining computers to a domain, and troubleshooting. The
IT industry is growing and the number of IT professionals continues to rise.  If you’re eager to venture into the field of
technical support and looking to join this growing profession, or if you’re
seeking to strengthen your technical savvy and want to improve your technical
skills set, then our course, IT HELP DESK FOR BEGINNERS , is the solution for
you.  So, join us in this valuable
course, IT HELP DESK FOR BEGINNERS , and we’ll see you on the inside.

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Course dictated by Jason Ruediger

Jason Ruediger is a Husband and a Dad. He has been an IT educator for several years.  Plus, he is a professional with managerial responsibilities in the IT field.  He has expertise in Help Desk, networking, virtualization, cloud computing, and network security. Mr. Ruediger earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Network Security Engineering. He is likewise a military veteran.

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