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Ivy Caliber Essays – How to Write College Application Essays by Alpha Academia – Sarah Ballard

The Ivy Caliber Essays – How to Write College Application Essays course is undoubtedly the most interesting and the most sought after by those seeking to specialize in Teaching & Academics.

Learn how to write the best (and fewest!) possible essays for your college applications. Win at college admissions!

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Ivy Caliber Essays - How to Write College Application Essays Udemy

What is the Ivy Caliber Essays – How to Write College Application Essays course about?

College essays are the hardest part of the college application , and they are the one element that you can truly make a difference right up to the very end. Your grades are your grades, and your test scores are set, but your essays are all up to you! With students applying to ever more colleges each year, students can find themselves on the hook to write dozens of essays. How do you make them stand out when you have so much to do? Ivy Caliber Essays will teach you how to organize your applications, brainstorm, outline, and write the fewest possible essays so you can focus on your most compelling stories and draft your best work. Sarah Ballard, author of Accepted! A Monthly Guide to College Applications and Admissions to Any School and Founder of college coaching firm Alpha Academia, has crafted this course to teach students how to sell themselves to colleges through their essays. Ivy Caliber Essays walks you through the process step-by-step: Organize Your Application s – Know how many essays you have to write and what questions they need to answer. Brainstorm Topics – Come up with a set of your best stories. Outline Across Applications – Match topics with essay prompts to ensure your strongest possible application packages with the fewest pieces to write. Past – Present – Future – Learn how to write what admissions officers want to read – link your past accomplishments with present activities and forecast future goals. The Personal Statement – Understand what schools are looking for on this standard open essay prompt. Specialized Prompts – Learn how to craft responses to the most peculiar and unique essay prompts. Short Answers – Pick the right topics to maximize your response and not give up an opportunity to shine. Edit and Polish – Walk through a method to ensure that your essays are free of distracting errors. Recycle – Evaluate whether you can tweak an already written essay for submission to a second application. When to Scrap – Realize when a draft just isn’t working and why you need to start over from a blank slate. Ivy Caliber Essays uses video sessions with embedded notes to walk through a complete process for writing all of your college (and scholarship!) applications. Links to outside resources and sample essays are included. Worksheets are available for download to supplement the lectures. In short, Ivy Caliber Essays is everything you need to put your best foot forward on your college essays with the least possible pain.

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