Java Collection Framework in Detail Udemy

Java Collection Framework in Detail by Antony Vilson

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Detailed Explanation of Collection classes with Best examples and Handpicked problems

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Java Collection Framework in Detail Udemy

What is the Java Collection Framework in Detail course about?

Collection Framework is one of the pillars of Java Programming Language, Not a single day pass through without touching any of the Collection classes by a Java Developer, To Sharp your coding skills and Solve real world problems in a very efficient manner, one need to know Collection Framework and How to use them to the fullest. In this highly structured and slowly paced course, I teach you Data Structure types Key concepts required in order to learn Collection classes Collection Classes Legacy classes & Collection Algorithms I handpicked some real world problems to help you understand why each class is so special and which class can be used in order to solve a problem efficiently. These Handpicked problems are one of the most frequently asked interview questions and helps you understand the behavior of Collection classes. And We also will discuss How below classes internally works Lists Queues Stack Sets Hashing Mechanism Object to Object Reference (Helps you easily understand Internal LinkedList Implementation ) These basic concepts helps you decide when to use and when not to use a particular Collection class. Most of the concepts are explained using Animations from which you can easily understand. I have tried my best to bring you the best content that you deserve, At the end of this course, You will learn Collection classes in detail, It’s usages, and when to use them in order to build Highly Efficient Applications.

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