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Java Multithreading & Concurrency – Interview Practice Exams by Michael Pogrebinsky | Java Expert & Software Architecture Specialist

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Prepare for your Java Software Engineering Job Interview with 100+ questions. Practice Java Concurrency & Multithreading

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Java Multithreading & Concurrency - Interview Practice Exams Udemy

What is the Java Multithreading & Concurrency – Interview Practice Exams course about?

Did you know that Multithreading and Concurrency questions are becoming increasingly popular in technical job interviews but even experienced candidates struggle with them? Are YOU ready to rock your job interview and impress your interviewer with your Java Multithreading skills? This unique and original collection of Java Multithreading and Concurrency questions will challenge you and prepare you for any interview involving Java Multithreading, Concurrency, Parallel Programming , and Java Performance. Why Java Multithreading Interview Questions Are So Popular Nowadays, all personal computers, cloud servers, and mobile devices have immense computing power that comes in the form of multi-core CPUs. To harness that computing power, Java developers use multithreading, which is a first-class feature in Java that has been around since its early versions. Using Java Multithreading we can get the most performance out of our CPU cores and build fast and responsive applications that our users love. For that reason, the vast majority of production Java applications run with multiple threads. Which makes Java Multithreading one of the most in-demand skills for Java developers. Who Is This Practice Course For? Students preparing for Technical Job Interviews Students who completed the Java Multithreading, Concurrency & Performance Optimization course or its equivalent and are looking for more practice Any Java developer who wants to test and practice their Java Multithreading and Concurrency skills and gain confidence in those topics What You Get This self-assessment course includes 100+ multiple-choice questions and is organized into self-contained exams. Each exam is timed, automatically checked, and scored. The questions cover many topics like Operating Systems fundamentals Memory Organization and data sharing between threads Race conditions, data races, and critical sections Synchronization, Locking and Java Multithreading mutual exclusion techniques Performance Optimization Inter-thread communication Lock-Free algorithms and data structures And much more Types of Multithreading & Concurrency Interview Questions Java Multithreading questions come up in 4 different formats: Knowledge-based Interview Questions – In this type of interview question, an interviewer assesses your general knowledge in different concurrency-related topics and Operating Systems fundamentals as well as familiarity with Java Multithreading keywords, classes, and APIs. These questions are typically asked during technical screen interviews as well as at the beginning of in-person interviews. For these questions, it’s critical to demonstrate your knowledge with confidence and answer in detail to show your interviewer your grasp of all Concurrency topics and fundamentals. Coding Interview Questions – This type of question may start without special emphasis on Multithreading and involve implementing a class or a method, but are frequently followed up with additional requirements for thread safety or high performance and test your practical skills in Java Multithreading APIs and Concurrency design principles. Take-Home Assessments – These are generally bigger projects given to a candidate to take home and submit back in several hours or days. They test the candidate’s ability to solve complex problems involving the practical application of all their knowledge as it closely resembles a real work environment. Showing your ability to apply Multithreading correctly in a maintainable way to provide high performance and responsiveness will set you apart from any candidate. The requirements for high performance and responsiveness are never expressed explicitly and will show your out-of-the-box forward-thinking that hiring managers are looking for. System Design Interview Questions – These questions typically do not involve coding but instead require the candidate to design a big system that satisfies both functional and non-functional project requirements. One of…

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