Java Multithreading , Concurrency & Parallel Programming 2/e Udemy

Java Multithreading , Concurrency & Parallel Programming 2/e by Basics Strong

The Java Multithreading , Concurrency & Parallel Programming 2/e course is undoubtedly the most interesting and the most sought after by those seeking to specialize in Development.

Java MultiThreading, Concurrency, Parallel Algorithms, Asynchronous programming , Executors, CompletableFuture and more

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Java Multithreading , Concurrency & Parallel Programming 2/e Udemy

What is the Java Multithreading , Concurrency & Parallel Programming 2/e course about?

BEST in Class course for programmers to learn multitasking, MultiThreading and Parallel programming paradigm. Objective : Computers can execute more than one statements at a time this is called parallel processing. These days when there are multi core processors are easily available programmers should defiantly take advantage of parallel programming for scalable and highly performing and responsive application. This is only possible using Multi Threading programming. Multi threading programming comes with certain complexities and sometimes difficult to program. This objective of this course is make to enable – Basic Multi Threading Advanced Multi threading Multi Processing Concurrent Collections Parallel algorithms. Asynchronous Programming using Completed Future Parallel Streams for Faster processing of Collections. If you are able to learn these concepts – you will be able to create applications, ready to scale and highly responsive. We will start from very basics and will deep dive into the very advanced concepts. We will start from basics by understanding – Introduction To Multitasking and Multihreading Creating Thread and Understanding Its Life Threading API Then we will move further to challenges associated with – Concurrency Challenges Concurrency Challenges &  Race Conditions Further we will discuss into solutions to the challenges Achieving Mutual Exclusion or Solving he challenges Liveness Problems The we will move into some related concepts Daemon Threads Further in the discussion we will move to some advanced concepts related to MultiThreading – Advanced Multithreading Thread Groups Thread Pool and Executors Thread Local Callable and Future The we will discuss Concurrent Collections and Concurrent Utilities Need of Concurrent Collections Concurrent Modification Exception How Concurrent Collection Solved the problems ConncurentHashMap Hierarchy and Methods ConncurentHashMap internal Implementation ConncurentHashMap in Multithreading Environment Program Demo CopyonWrite ArrayList CopyOnWriteArrayList – Constructors and Methods CopyOnWriteArraySet Count Down Lache Cyclic Barrier Blocking Queue Exchangers Semphores Then  we will write and solve some Algorithms using parallel processing Multi Processing and Parrlel Comutin Algorithums Implementing a Multithreading Chat Serer We will also Discuss CompletableFuture is used for asynchronous programming in Java. Hope you will enjoy the journey – please don’t forgot to ask questions in Q&A and we will respond as quickly as possible. Last but not least – you got an option to return back the course within 30 days it you find it does not fulfill your needs See you in the Course and Happy Learning Best , Mohit

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