KravHIIT: Get Ripped in only 4 minutes a day Udemy

KravHIIT: Get Ripped in only 4 minutes a day by Thomas Griffin

The KravHIIT: Get Ripped in only 4 minutes a day course is undoubtedly the most interesting and the most sought after by those seeking to specialize in Health & Fitness.

This HIIT program is designed to shred body fat and increase your fitness all in a home workout!

Also, keep in mind that Thomas Griffin, professor of the course, is an excellent professional with worldwide recognition.

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KravHIIT: Get Ripped in only 4 minutes a day Udemy

What is the KravHIIT: Get Ripped in only 4 minutes a day course about?

Do you feel overwhelmed and think that you’re too busy to get into great shape?  Trust us, you aren’t, we have the answer! All you need is 4 min a day! In the program you will see that you don’t need to spend hours a day in the gym to drop that extra body fat.  In fact you don’t even need a gym.  In this course you get 30 days of fat incinerating workouts that only take 4 min a day.  You will be learning the Tabata method of training (:20 seconds of work / :10 seconds of rest) that has been shown to push even elite athletes to their limits.  The beauty of these workouts is that they are 100% scalable for just about anyone and will grow with you as your fitness improves. You will be learning the correct form of over 60 unique exercises that have been carefully combined to give you maximum results in only 4 minutes a day!  This program was created to meet the unique requirements of some of the busiest people in the world that found it almost impossible to take even 15 minutes a day to workout but know how important fitness is.  They reached out to Thomas because of the results they heard he was achieving with his clients in such a short time frame.  At that time, he was working with people for 15 to 20 minute sessions and achieving outstanding results. Some people found that even 15 to 20 minutes was hard to find in a day so he carefully crafted this program and the results are nothing short of AMAZING!  ANYONE CAN FIND 4 MIN IN A DAY! Thomas has over 40 years of experience coaching literally tens of thousands of people on how to transform their bodies, and now you are getting his newest cutting edge program that can be done in the comfort of your own home. He has also included a module on eating right to reach your goals.  You may have heard all the hype about counting your “Macros” but if you’ve ever tried it it can be almost a full time job just trying to hit your numbers.  In this course you’ll learn an extremely easy way to calculate your individual nutritional needs and how to measure them without going crazy to get the results you desire!  There is even an authorized food list to help keep the guess work out of it. This is a complete program that will help you achieve your goals in only 4 min a day, so enroll now and get moving!

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Course dictated by Thomas Griffin

Thomas has been involved in the fitness and martial arts industry for more that 40 years. While training clients and learning himself he noticed a big gap between true fitness and the ability to defend yourself or the ones you love. It was at that point that he started developing what has become known now as KravHIIT – where fitness and self defense unite. This journey has been in the works for over a decade and it is now being released to the public. Here are some of Thomas’s credentials:

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