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Lean Six Sigma Green Belt – A comprehensive course by Parag Dadeech

The Lean Six Sigma Green Belt – A comprehensive course course is undoubtedly the most interesting and the most sought after by those seeking to specialize in Business.

“Lean Six Sigma” for high efficiency. Thorough learning from expert with extensive global leadership experience

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Lean Six Sigma Green Belt - A comprehensive course Udemy

What is the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt – A comprehensive course course about?

Dear Learners, I welcome you to this comprehensive course on “Lean Six Sigma Green Belt”. I am Parag Dadeech, with extensive leadership experience in India & globally across a variety of business sectors. This course has been prepared quite meticulously to ensure that you are able to grasp all the major concepts with ease & be able to apply concepts practically. I am quite confident that the course shall impart you with a strong foundation on the concepts & tools of the Lean Six Sigma. It will also help you to progress on the Black-Belt training, with lots of confidence & ease, if you do decide to pursue it. In the present times of cut-throat competition & ever demanding needs of the customer, the knowledge & concepts of Lean Six Sigma will be essential for organizations to deliver increased value & achieve higher operational efficiencies. This course is covered in “6 Sections with 34 lectures” & various quizzes and illustrations, during the different phases of the course. I do sincerely hope that you have an enjoyable as well as a valuable learning experience. I would also request you to proactively reach out to me , on how you did found this course & if you seek any clarification on any of the concepts taught in this course. Thank you, for enrolling. Section-1 (Historical perspective & introduction to Six Sigma) Lecture-1 • Historical perspective • Features of Six-Sigma • Lean + Sigma (a very good tool) Lecture-2 • Six Sigma methodology • Introduction to DMAIC methodology Section-2 (Define Phase) Lecture-3 • Define phase activities • SMART Goals • Project identification • VOC (Voice of customer) Lecture-4 • Translate VOC to CTQ’s • VOB (Voice of Business) • VOP (Voice of Process) • COPQ (Cost of Poor Quality) Lecture-5 • CTQ Drill down • Process Mapping (SIPOC Analysis) • Key elements of Project Charter Lecture-6 • Team selection • Team growth stages • Toll gate reviews Section-3 (Measure Phase) Lecture-7 • Measure phase activities • Operational definition • Methods to collect data • Types of Process Maps Lecture-8 • Flow chart & Cross functional flow chart • Value stream mapping & Benefits of VSM • Lead Time & Process Time Lecture-9 • What is Value • Value adding activities (VA) • Non-Value adding activities (NVA) Lecture-10 • Types of Data • Data collection plan Lecture-11 • Population & sample • Different types of sampling plan Lecture-12 • Measurement system analysis • What is precision & accuracy • How much Error is acceptable Lecture-13 • Basic statistics • Measures of central tendency • Measures of variation Lecture-14 • Concept of Normal distribution • Standard Normal distribution • Concept of Z-value Lecture-15 • Process Base Line (stability of process) • Run charts Lecture-16 • What is process stability • Cp (potential process capability) • Sigma level & PPM Lecture-17 • What is Cpk • What should be desired Cpk • Sigma Level across different business sectors Lecture-18 • Yield (Multi-step process) • Concept of DPMO Section-4 (Analyze Phase) Lecture-19 • Analyze phase activities • Some analysis Tools • Ishikawa Diagram • 5 Why Analysis Lecture-20 • Brainstorming • Data stratification • Check sheets Lecture-21 • What is FMEA & history of FMEA • FMEA Process Lecture-22 • Illustrations of FMEA Lecture-23 • Modelling relationship between variables (Correlation) • Correlation coefficient • Uses of correlation study Lecture-24 • Modelling relationship between variables (Regression) • Simple Linear regression & multiple Linear regression Section-5 (Improve Phase) Lecture-25 • Improve phase activities • Generate solution ideas • SCAMPER & Mind Mapping • Six Thinking Hats Lecture-26 • Lean Tools for improvement • 5S Technique • Push versus Pull systems Lecture-27 • What is SMED • Steps in SMED • Practical illustration of SMED Lecture-28 • What is Kaizen • Kaizen Process • Piloting the solution & Full-scale implementation Section-6 (Control Phase) Lecture-29 • Control Phase • Types of control methods • Introducti…

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Course dictated by Parag Dadeech

Advisor & Consultant for diversified Process Industries. Over “27+ years” of diversified leadership expertise at major Global MNC’s & corporate houses across multiple Geographies (USA, South East Asia, Europe, India), Six Sigma Black Belt & Process-Excellence expert. Executed a whole gamut of Green Field & Brown field projects covering a wide spectrum of industrial sectors. Widely travelled to over 30+ countries globally for business engagements, projects & Joint ventures.

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