Learn C# programming with the Unity Game Engine 2019 Udemy

Learn C# programming with the Unity Game Engine 2019 by [ School of Game Design ]

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Learn C# Scripting for Unity Game Development, Create your own 2D & 3D Games With Unity using C#

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Learn C# programming with the Unity Game Engine 2019 Udemy

What is the Learn C# programming with the Unity Game Engine 2019 course about?

C# is a powerful cross-platform language used to build a variety of applications. With C#, you can build mobile apps (for Windows, Android and iOS), games, websites and desktop applications. In this course you will learn the fundamentals of C# programming in a fun and clear, step-by-step manor. You will also learn best practices and shortcuts to help you become a better developer. If you want to learn C# and become a better programmer, this is the course for you. Learn not just what to do but why you do it. You will see common errors that pop up as part of developing applications with C# and we will guide you on just how to resolve them with ease.

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GREAT EDUCATION SHOULD BE AVAILABLE TO EVERYONE The School of Game Design was created to provide in-depth, current industry education in the area of interactive arts. We have our finger on the pulse of the tech industry and keep our curriculum up to date so our students are some of the most sought after artists and designers available. We arm students with the tools needed to thrive as designers, programmers, 3D animators, game developers, web designers, and UI / UX artists. WE TEACH ONLY THE LATEST TECHNOLOGY Unity, Photoshop, Illustrator, Maya, GameSalad, and several other powerful programming languages are just some of the many topics we cover here at the School of Game Design. We pay close attention to the latest tools and techniques being utilized by the tech and gaming industries, making sure that what we teach, keeps our students on top of these fast growing technologies. We are always developing new training videos which help make our students leaders in their chosen fields. WE PRACTICE WHAT WE PREACH All of our instructors here at the School of Game Design are experts at what they do and are currently working in the game, film, and tech industries with over 24 years of experience. Not only have we taught at major schools and studios like Ubisoft and the LA Film School, but our instructors have worked on Films like Lord of the Rings, and Rango. Our dedicated team has won major awards for their films, and innovative web designs and combined have launched over 30 apps to the iTunes App Store and Android Market. We are pros at what we do and we have a passion for sharing our industry knowledge with our students.

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