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Learn Chinese Through Short Stories in Chinese Language by Sanela Ksela

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Learn Chinese language in an interesting and simple way through stories in Chinese language

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Learn Chinese Through Short Stories in Chinese Language Udemy

What is the Learn Chinese Through Short Stories in Chinese Language course about?

Chinese language can be one of the most attractive and at the same time one of the most useful languages to learn. In this comprehensive course where you learn Chinese language through short stories in Chinese language, you are going to get a deeper understanding of Chinese language, learn more vocabulary, practice listening Chinese, and practice translating from Chinese to English. Learn and Master Chinese Language in this Unique and Interesting Comprehensive Course. In this course you are going to: Practice listening Chinese language, Practice the right pronunciation, Learn more vocabulary, Practice translating from Chinese to English, Understand Chinese culture, Give yourself the opportunity to learn Chinese in a unique and interesting way. Give Yourself the Opportunity to Learn Chinese Language From a Different Angle. Be Unique, Be Special and Go For It! I designed this course to show you that Chinese language is not as difficult to learn as most people think. It is so especially if it is taught in an interesting way, like through short stories. Learning can always be fun, but only as long as the instructor teaches in a simple, understandable way, which is accompanied by a strong passion for the topic. You’ll receive all of this in this course. To make learning even easier for you, you’ll be able to download PDF documents for every story. In the attached video I first read the story and then translate it, pointing out, at the same time, important grammatical structures. Complete with attached PDF documents, you’ll be able to work alongside the instructor, who is going to be available for you for any questions you might have about the content of the course. There’s no deadline for completing this course. You can study the course lectures around your other commitments at your preferred pace. Are there any course requirements or prerequisites? As long as you want to learn Chinese in a unique and interesting way, you’re more than welcome to join the course. Study Chinese language from the comfort of your home or preferred place. You can study anywhere and anytime with a stable internet connection. Access your course from a smartphone, tablet, or computer. Additional PDF materials are also included to complement your learning experience. Who this course is for: It is open to all. This course is directed towards those interested in learning Chinese language or just wanting to understand its basics. It is especially recommended for students of Chinese language so they can learn more vocabulary, how to form sentences and practice listening and spoken Chinese. There are no ‘right or wrong personality types best matched to learning Chinese language.

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Course dictated by Sanela Ksela

Sanela Ksela is a MA sinologist who started to get engaged with China and Chinese language in 2013. She has been studying Chinese language for more than eight years. During this time she has gained a huge specter of knowledge in the field of Chinese language (in 2016 she completed HSK 6), which includes spoken and written language, classical and modern Chinese.

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