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A cursive course designed for adult learners

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Learn Cursive with Laura Udemy

What is the Learn Cursive with Laura course about?

Did you miss out on learning cursive? Were you one of the thousands of students who fell into the murky years where cursive wasn’t taught in school? Have you always wanted to learn? Do you pass letters from loved ones to friends who can read the cursive out loud to you? This course is designed for you. Whether you never learned cursive at all or you are trying to improve the cursive handwriting you already know, this course can help you. The course is designed to be taken over time, one or two lessons per day, to help you make cursive a permanent part of your life. What will you learn? Each of the building-block shapes that make up the cursive alphabet How to form each capital and lowercase letter of the alphabet How to connect letters together properly How to make your cursive writing legible How to recognize and read variations in cursive writing What do you get when you enroll? 2 hours of premium cursive handwriting lessons Lifetime access to course updates The skill to write and read cursive writing A community of learners Who is your instructor? Laura V Coulter is a career educator and an online course creator. She has taught thousands of students how to read and write cursive. Are you ready to enroll? Are you ready to be the friend who reads the cursive letters for others? Enroll in the course today. See you in class! Laura

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Course dictated by Laura V Coulter

Laura is a career educator with a passion for helping others create effective courses. She created a cursive handwriting for adults course to fill a need. She also had a blog, YouTube channel, and podcast under Laura Creates Courses.

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