Learn How To Read Literature: Elements of Fiction Udemy

Learn How To Read Literature: Elements of Fiction by Tricia Foster

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Learn How To Read Literature: Elements of Fiction Udemy

What is the Learn How To Read Literature: Elements of Fiction course about?

Do you need to write a literary analysis or participate in a book discussion, but you don’t know where to start? How do others read a piece of fiction and understand it so much better than you do? Most likely, they have training and practice. With this course, you can, too. Colleges across the US require students to take courses in English Literature because it improves crucial critical thinking skills. Research at Michigan State University has proven that close reading of literature engages complex cognitive brain functions. The benefits of cognitive development include increased intelligence, reasoning, language development, memory, problem solving and decision making. Designed by a college instructor, this course can help you understand the fundamental elements of fiction and help you read and analyze literature at the college level. Save money on expensive tutors or get a jump start on those college English courses with over 20 videos filled with key terms, concepts, and examples. This course is also beneficial to book lovers, book bloggers, and book club members who want to discuss literature with confidence and authority. You don’t have to pay for an expensive college education to read fiction like a college graduate. Books are for everyone, and so are cognitive brain functions. Rise above the ordinary and engage your brain!

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Course dictated by Tricia Foster

Creative Director of Crafting the Message, LLC, Tricia M Foster has a Master’s degree in English Literature and uses her experience in publishing and higher education to help others discover and tell their own stories.

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