Learn SAP MM With Functional Changes in S/4 HANA – Part 1 Udemy

Learn SAP MM With Functional Changes in S/4 HANA – Part 1 by Santosh Bora

The Learn SAP MM With Functional Changes in S/4 HANA – Part 1 course is undoubtedly the most interesting and the most sought after by those seeking to specialize in IT & Software.

Detailed study of a normal purchasing cycle, Special procurement cycles and outline agreements in SAP MM

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Learn SAP MM With Functional Changes in S/4 HANA - Part 1 Udemy

What is the Learn SAP MM With Functional Changes in S/4 HANA – Part 1 course about?

Course Contents 01.01.01 – Purchasing Cycle Overview_1 SAP Overview / Screen Areas / Layout Options / Shortcuts Other settings Purchasing Cycle Overview – End to End Process Flow Purchase Requisition Overview Sources of PR Creation Subsequent Documents Overview of PR To PO Conversion Transactions Comparison of these Conversion Transactions Create PR Details of Screen Areas, Tab Pages Various Fields and their significance ME56 – Assign Source of Supply to Requisitions ME58 – Assignment List – PR to PO Conversion ME57 – Assign and Process Assign Source of Supply Convert PR to PO Convert PR to RFQ ME59N – Automatic Conversion of PR to PO ME21N – Document Overview – PR to PO Conversion 01.01.02 – Purchasing Cycle Overview_2 Request For Quotation – Process Overview ME41 – Create RFQ ME44 – Maintain Supplements ME47 – Maintain Quotation ME49 – Quotation Comparison / Reject Quotation / Save Market Price Condition Purchase Order Overview / Reference Documents ME21N – Create PO W/o Reference Document ME21N – Document Overview Section – Create Variant / Change Hierarchy / Change Layout ME21N – Screen Areas / Tab Pages / Various Fields and their Significance Goods Receipt / Invoice Verification Overview MIGO – Document Overview / Search Documents / Hold Document / Default Values Setting / Post GR / GR Effects MIRO – Post Invoice / Invoice Posting Effects 02.01.01 – Special Procurement Cycles_1 02.01 – Item Category / Account Assignment Categories Overview of Account Assignment and Item Categories Config – Account Assignment Category Config – Item Categories Diff. Between – Procurement for Stock Vs Consumption Demo – Procurement for Stock Vs Consumption Effects of GR in Material Master Accounting View / Stock Overview in both Procurement 02.02 – Consignment Procurement Consignment Procurement Overview Demo – Consignment Procurement Cycle – PO, GR, GR effects on Stock, Transfer to Own Stock, Consignment Settlement Info Record Selection in PO based on Item Category Info Record Check for Standard Purchasing Org during GR MB54 – Display Consignment Stock MRM1 – Maintain Output for Consignment Settlement 02.03 – Subcontracting Procurement Overview of Subcontracting Procurement Create Bill of Material – Maintain By Products Special Procurement in MRP2 view – Subcontracting S/4 HANA Change Create / Maintain Production Version in MRP View Link Production Version in Info Record Create PR – Difference in Standard & Subcontracting Explode BOM in PO if Component Changes in BOM Subcontracting Cockpit – Issue Raw Material Config – Set Up Subcontracting Order MBLB – Stock at Subcontractor PO for Raw Material Delivery to Subcontracting Vendor Material Movements in GR for Finished Goods, Raw Material and By Products 02.04 – Pipeline Procurement Overview of Pipeline Procurement Process Demo of Pipeline Procurement Cycle Create Pipeline Material Material Type Config – Pipeline Characteristic Create Info Record Record Consumption – MIGO MRKO – Pipeline Settlement 02.05 – Blanket Purchase Order Overview of Blanket Purchase Order Process Blanket PO Process Demo Create Blanket PO Post Invoice Config – Account Assignment Category 02.06 – ERS – Evaluated Receipt Settlement Overview of Evaluated Receipt Settlement Demo of ERS Process BP / Vendor Master – ERS Settings Info Record Setting for ERS Exclusion Purchase Order / Goods Receipt MRRL – ERS Settlement MRM1 – Maintain Output Message 02.07 – Invoicing Plan Overview of Invoicing Plan Demo of Invoicing Plan Cycle Create PO with Invoicing Plan Milestone Based / Partial Invoicing Plan Periodic Invoicing Plan MRIS – Invoicing Plan Settlement Config Overview – Invoicing Plan 04.08 – Returns Purchase Order Overview of Returns Purchase Order Process Demo of Returns Purchase Order Process Create PO – Free Goods / Returns PO MIGO – Issue Material to Vendor MIRO – Post a Credit Memo 04.09 – Stock Transport Orders Stock Transport Orders Overview Options for Stock Transfer between Plants STO PO Process Features…

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