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Learn The Crucial Role of Your Thinking by Brent Dalley

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Learn The Crucial Role of Your Thinking Udemy

What is the Learn The Crucial Role of Your Thinking course about?

As human beings, we are most capable of doing our best work when we do something that inspires us, that truly motivates us to do our best work. Too often in our society today, many people just go through the motions of the tasks required by their occupation, just to obtain a paycheck in order to pay their bills, support their families, and keep a roof over their heads. In truth, many of those people are NOT satisfied by their current occupations, but they tolerate them and put up with them because they are skilled enough at the positions for the businesses to keep them, the salaries paid are high enough to maintain a decent or better quality of living, and the situation is better than having no work at all. However, in truth, many people are not satisfied, and they are not tapping into the greatness within them because they haven’t found their true calling and the occupation or tasks where their best skills and passions lie. Therefore, it is important that we take the time and effort to try many activities and challenges in our lives to find out where our true skills and interest lie.  In other words we need to spend time just thinking, using our brains, using our memories. In this course I will take you step-by-step through the process of changing your thinking by teaching in a way that will help you understand the importance of applying the Law of Attraction in your thinking.  We will go through a comprehensive section on goals and proper goal setting.  We will delve deeply into the neuroscience and how you can hack your brain for better thinking, learning and retention.  Since thinking involves your mind I will teach you powerful mindfulness techniques and show you how simple they are to practice.  You will learn the 20 common traits all successful people practice and a whole lot more. To achieve any lasting change we need to learn how to create new stronger habits so I have included a section on habits and how they, good or bad, control our lives and how to change them. Sometimes we are just afraid to make a change.  That’s natural for most of us so we tackle fears and how to control or in some cases eliminate fears from our lives. There are plenty of downloadable materials to support you in your quest including several eBooks.

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