Learn to Play Tarrega, Bach, and Sor on Classical Guitar Udemy

Learn to Play Tarrega, Bach, and Sor on Classical Guitar by Brian Riggs

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An easy to follow course on how to give a polished, relaxed and confident performance of 5 great pieces

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Learn to Play Tarrega, Bach, and Sor on Classical Guitar Udemy

What is the Learn to Play Tarrega, Bach, and Sor on Classical Guitar course about?

By the end of this course you’re going to be able to play 5 classical guitar pieces with confidence. You will learn to play “Lagrima” and “Adelita” by Francisco Tarrega, “Prelude No.1” from the 1st Cello Suite and the “Bouree” from the Lute Suite in E minor by J.S. Bach, and “Waltz in E” by Fernando Sor. You’ll be able to follow along with video lectures that show the hands from a variety of angles (and watch as many times as you want) and you’ll be able to download and print PDF files of the sheet music in both standard notes and guitar tablature. Everything about the course is designed to take the uncertainty and stress out of learning .Whether you’ve playing simpler studies and pieces for awhile and now you want to get to the next level, or your returning after some time away from the guitar, or you just want to learn and play the pieces in this course, your going to have a great time learning and playing. What you can expect from the cours e To play each piece all the way through with a lot more confidence and to become a more advanced, more insightful guitarist You’ll get a lot more enjoyment out of your time playing guitar as you develop a more relaxed technique that won’t leave your hand feeling fatigued. You’ll avoid mistakes and bad habits by thoughtfully going through each phrase and learning each piece correctly the first time You’ll be able to go at your own pace, and use the discussion boards if you ever have a question, so even though it’s a video-course, you’ll still have the opportunity to ask questions and get feedback Playing the classical guitar is such a rewarding and enjoyable experience, and for many of us, practicing is a crucial part of the our daily routine. Practicing classical guitar each day can help your brain feel settled, and it is a powerful tool for self-expression. That being said, even if you have a guitar, you still need music to play, and that’s where this course comes in. When you learn a new piece on the guitar, it’s like having a new insight that changes the way you feel about things and see things. It’s like going around a corner, and seeing a new and surprising view. You’ll be able to share this with others, as your able to play for your friends, family, and colleagues. As our experience grows, so does our inner life, and music is a great way to express that. The reason that each of these pieces of music has endured for so long is that each one speaks the need, or you could even say compulsion, to express yourself with music. If you’ve ever thought “I play that piece pretty well, but that one part always gives me trouble,” or “I wonder how I can use my hands so I have more flexibility and don’t have discomfort” or “I would like to play well enough to be able to play for others,” then this course will help you reach your goals, and will help you enjoy your practicing and playing time even more. If you would like to start on this journey, just click on the button that says “Start Learning Now” and you’ll get lifetime access to all of the video lectures as well as the sheet music files. I hope your guitar playing goes well, thanks for reading.

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Course dictated by Brian Riggs

My name is Brian Riggs and I am a classical guitarist and guitar teacher from Chicago, IL. I have a degree in classical guitar performance from the Chicago College of Performing Arts, and I’ve played in master classes with some amazing guitarists, most notably Christopher Parkening at his class at Montana State University.

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