Learning the Power of BetterTouchTool Finger Gestures Udemy

Learning the Power of BetterTouchTool Finger Gestures by Bakari Chavanu

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Trigger hundreds of Mac actions instead of using keyboard shortcuts.

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Learning the Power of BetterTouchTool Finger Gestures Udemy

What is the Learning the Power of BetterTouchTool Finger Gestures course about?

BetterTouchTool provides similar features as the built-in finger gesture features found in Mac OS X. But BetterTouchTool includes over a hundred different finger gestures that can trigger both built-in BTT Mac  actions and your own custom Mac actions, such as triggering keyboard shortcuts, menu items, and system actions. BetterTouchTool is not a difficult application to learn, but it has lots of features to discover and use. This course will save you weeks and months of time in learning all the features that BetterTouchTool has to offer. My course features 13 video tutorials and 11 PDF guides, which include dozens of screenshots of BTT’s most important features. BetterTouchTool is available for a free trial download, and the full license is a modest $6.95 or more, depending on what you want to pay. You will find that BetterTouchTool is worth every penny. This course will guide you through setting up your first custom gestures. Each lesson builds off the last one, but you can also jump around based on what your particular needs and experience are with the program. As you use BetterTouchTool, you’ll realize how much you can get done when your hand is already on your trackpad or Magic Mouse. (Note, though BTT works with the Magic Mouse, this course focuses on using BTT with Apple’s trackpad. The trackpad, be it the desktop or laptop version, provides much more finger gesture options and actions. However, what you learn in the course can easily be applied if you’re using a Magic Mouse.) As you work through the lessons, feel free to ask me questions. BTT will definitely help you reduce the need for keyboard shortcuts and cursor movements, and it will help you be more productive.

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Course dictated by Bakari Chavanu

Bakari Chavanu is a long time user of Apple computers and software. He is a professional writer and staff writer for MakeUseOf, a leading how-to technology website. He has written numerous articles on Mac automation, including a Mac Automation guide for to how use Apple’s Automator and the smart technology features in Mac OS X. The content covered in this course is used everyday by Bakari in his own workflow as a writer. He is currently writing a book how to use the leading Mac automation program, Keyboard Maestro.

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