List Building: How To Build A Responsive Email List Udemy

List Building: How To Build A Responsive Email List by Mitro Patrikainen

The List Building: How To Build A Responsive Email List course is undoubtedly the most interesting and the most sought after by those seeking to specialize in Marketing.

List Building: Build an email opt-in funnel that attracts responsive subscribers (who will open and read your emails!)

Also, keep in mind that Mitro Patrikainen, professor of the course, is an excellent professional with worldwide recognition.

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List Building: How To Build A Responsive Email List Udemy

What is the List Building: How To Build A Responsive Email List course about?

DISCLAIMER: This course is a few years old. While the content is evergreen, I thought you should know that. Also, the narration in the videos is kind of boring-sounding, and my accent is heavy. I don’t want that to come as a surprise to you. With that aside, here’s what this course is about: Are you struggling with low open- and click-through rates? In this course you’ll learn how to build opt-in funnels that attract responsive email subscribers. Discover the common list building myths and mistakes that are holding you back Learn the most important principles of an effective list building strategy Get access to 5 list building tactics that are working right now A List Building System Inspired By The Tribe-Building Power Of Modern Technology Companies, Professional Bloggers And YouTube Stars If you’ve ever had a hard time building an email list of people who would actually open your emails and respond to your messages, it’s no surprise. There are a lot of flaws in the common list building methods and I know that, because I’ve gone down that road. To build a sustainable email marketing business, I had to take a deeper look at the psychology of list building and study the tribe-building power of successful companies, professional bloggers and popular YouTubers. In this course I will share my findings with you. You will learn how to build an opt-in funnel that attracts more responsive subscribers. I will share with you the strategy behind this method – if you’re looking for technical step-by-step instructions, you should look elsewhere. This course is not for total beginners. If you are an email marketer who is struggling with building a responsive list, enroll now to get instant access to the training.

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Course dictated by Mitro Patrikainen

Hi, I’m Mitro, a self-proclaimed “underground” marketing nerd…

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