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Make Quick Casual Games with Phaser 3 by William Clarkson

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Minimalist games in Phaser 3

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Make Quick Casual Games with Phaser 3 Udemy

What is the Make Quick Casual Games with Phaser 3 course about?

By taking this course Make Quick Casual Games with Phaser 3 , the newest version of Phaser. You’ll not only build 3 HTML5 casual games but also create a casual game template to use to make your own games! Basic knowledge of JavaScript is required! If you know a little bit of JavaScript and have a big passion for games, this is the course for you! You will learn how to set up games to run on desktop computers and mobile devices You will be able to make quick minimalist games! I will show you some of the tricks and techniques that I have picked up over the years, such as showing you how to build code to reuse it! Complete code and all the resources you need to complete the games are included! I love talking about game development, especially where it comes to building Phaser games , and am happy to answer your questions and discuss any ideas you may have!

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Course dictated by William Clarkson

I’ve been a coder since I was a kid and I’ve always loved making games. As I got older that got into serious application programming as well, but games have always been my passion. I’ve been working professionally as a programmer for the last 15 years. I’ve worked all around the US, and a few years in Asia, for companies from around the globe. I’ve estimated I’ve made over 300 games in my career, and I’m nowhere near done!

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