Mastering Docker: Publishing and Deploying Web Applications Udemy

Mastering Docker: Publishing and Deploying Web Applications by Agus Kurniawan

The Mastering Docker: Publishing and Deploying Web Applications course is undoubtedly the most interesting and the most sought after by those seeking to specialize in Development.

Mastering on deploying Static Web Files, NodeJS, PHP, Laravel, ASP.NET Core, Python Django and Spring Boot for Docker

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Mastering Docker: Publishing and Deploying Web Applications Udemy

What is the Mastering Docker: Publishing and Deploying Web Applications course about?

Containerization is one of solutions to address deployment process due to development and production machine complexity. Docker is one of containerization platform that we can deploy various platforms with single container. This workshop focuses on how to publish and deploy various web applications in Docker environment. You will learn some topics related to web application publishing. In general, you will learn the following topics: Basic Docker CLI Development Publishing and deploying Static Web Files Publishing and deploying Node.js Web Applications Publishing and deploying PHP Web Applications Publishing and deploying ASP.NET Core Web Applications Publishing and deploying Python Django Web Applications Publishing and deploying Spring Boot Web Applications If you don’t have Docker experiences, you start to learn basic Docker CLI. You can write Dockerfile scripts to build containers. Then, you can deploy containers to Docker server. We learn to publish basic web application. It’s static web application. The web application consists of static files such as HTML, CSS, and JS. We can deploy these web files to deploy Docker environment. We can use Apache HTTPD and Nginx as web server to serve our static web files. We continue to publish and deploy Node.js web applications. If you have Node.js and Express application, we can deploy on Docker easily. We also learn how deploy Node.js Express with database server such as MongoDB, MySQL and PostgreSQL by building orchestration with Docker Compose. In addition, we make interaction between Node.js Express and Minio Storage server (S3 protocol) within Docker environment. You also learn to publish PHP and Laravel web application to Docker included MySQL database. On the last of this section, we will learn how to deploy PhpMyAdmin and MySQL within Docker environment. Then, we deploy WordPress application on Docker. Furthermore, we learn how to publish ASP.NET Core and Python Django to Docker environment. Our application is shipped with databases like SQL Server and MySQL for Docker platform. Last, we will publish and deploy Spring Boot application. You can write Dockerfile for Spring Boot application. Furthermore, we build Docker Compose for Spring Boot CRUD application and MySQL database server. You can use own platform to follow this workshop. You can use Windows, Linux or macOS. Docker is available for those platforms.

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Course dictated by Agus Kurniawan

Agus Kurniawan is a lecturer, researcher, IT consultant, and author.  Hold a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering and Master degree in Computer Science (focused Machine Learning). He has more than 20 years of experience in various software and hardware development projects for various companies. He worked at Fraunhofer, Germany, and Samsung Research Indonesia Institute as visiting researcher. He also worked at Hewlett-Packard as technology consultant.

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