Meditation, Creative Flow States and Mindfulness Training Udemy

Meditation, Creative Flow States and Mindfulness Training by Kyle Pearce

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Meditation, Creative Flow States and Mindfulness Training Udemy

What is the Meditation, Creative Flow States and Mindfulness Training course about?

Do you find that you have trouble focusing when you’re working or learning online? Do you regularly get the compulsion to procrastinate, check Facebook and consume new information when you would rather be doing something more meaningful? Or do you find that you have a lots of creative ideas but then you struggle when it comes to executing and implementing them so you earn a steady income from them? If you answered YES to any of these questions, then I designed this course for you. I have suffered from ADD most of my life and I know how hard it is in this day and age to stick with perplexing problems and ideas long enough to develop creative solutions for them. I also know what it feels like to never seem to achieve your potential and really create the life that you know in your heart is possible. I have spent a big part of the last decade traveling the world, studying and practicing different forms of meditation while creating online courses that teach people today’s most in-demand digital skills. I embarked on this journey because I was determined to find a natural way to overcome my ADD so I could channel my creativity into meaningful endeavours. I wanted more than anything to be a creator of my own reality, rather than a consumer of other people’s second-hand insights and experiences. My search has culminated in the ideas and practices in this course. I designed this course for people like me, who are energetic, distractible and creative, the kind of people who would normally struggle with sitting still and quieting their minds. The way meditation is usually taught is difficult to apply in our fast-paced, hyper-connected society. So, to solve this problem I’ve tailored this course for people who need the focus and presence of meditation but would normally struggle to build the habit. I strongly believe that if meditation is to be truly transformative, it needs to be approached with the spirit of play, lightheartedness and curiosity.To really get amazing results, we need to take ourselves less seriously and embrace our natural flow. Meditation is a tool for exploring our inner worlds and channelling our creative energy in the stream of consciousness we call the moment. It is the controlled expansion of our minds and awareness. I want to demystify meditation for you and help you actually build a daily meditation habit that sticks. I will also teach you mindfulness techniques you can use throughout your daily life to overcome distractions, channel your creative energy into flow states and overcome the mental drains of stress, anxiety and uncertainty. I recommend you watch the first few videos that are provided free so you can learn more about this course. The outcome of applying the practices in this course is you will experience much better focus, you’ll understand how to trigger creative flow when you’re working online and you’ll be able to recognize how and why you procrastinate and become distracted by directly observing your own mind and body. This will empower you to overcome negative emotional feedback loops and live a more creative, carefree and relaxed life. Here is a quick summary of what you will learn in this course: 1. The Internet Age is changing our brains and transforming the way we live, work and learn. You will learn how to develop the three characteristics that are disproportionately rewarded in today’s innovation economy: focus, creativity and self-awareness. 2. You will learn how to increase your attention span and dramatically improve your ability to focus and stay present with problems and creative work through the practice of mindfulness. 3. Many people who learn to meditate don’t stick with it. I’ll teach you how to “hack the habit” of the daily practice of meditation using a simple 3-step system for habit forming that is backed by the latest neuroscience research. 4. The time you really want the focus and presence of mindfulness is when you’re at work, in difficult social situations and w…

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Course dictated by Kyle Pearce

I do flow state and peak performance training using flow psychology, meditative practices and quantified self-tracking tools through my company Unified Stream .

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