Microsoft 365 Fundamentals: MS-900 +Practice Questions Udemy

Microsoft 365 Fundamentals: MS-900 +Practice Questions by Kevin Brown

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Understand cloud concepts ,core Microsoft 365 services and concepts and understand security and compliance

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Microsoft 365 Fundamentals: MS-900 +Practice Questions Udemy

What is the Microsoft 365 Fundamentals: MS-900 +Practice Questions course about?

Course Updates Version 2.0 : Updated for Exam changes that become effective July 12th 2021 This most recent update incorporates changes for the MS-900 exam Updated topics include My Analytics, User Voice, Endpoint Manager, Billing Management and eDiscovery Removed topics include Intune, which has reached end-of-life and has been replaced by Endpoint Manager Version 1.0 : Updated for Exam changes that become effective July 8th 2020 This MS-900 course provides foundational knowledge by using concepts and hands-on demonstrations of Microsoft 365 services. You will understand the considerations and benefits of Microsoft 365 cloud service offerings. You will begin by learning about cloud fundamentals, including an overview of cloud computing and specifically Microsoft cloud services. You will be introduced to Microsoft Azure, and you will examine the differences between Microsoft 365 and Office 365. You will then perform an in-depth review of Microsoft 365, including a comparison of Microsoft on-premises services versus Microsoft 365 cloud services, a review of enterprise mobility in Microsoft 365, and an analysis of how Microsoft 365 services provide collaboration. The course then analyzes how security, compliance, privacy, and trust are handled in Microsoft 365, and it concludes with a review of Microsoft 365 subscriptions, licenses, billing, and support.  Hands-on demonstrations include a walk-through of Exchange online, SharePoint online, Teams, OneDrive, Data Loss Prevention, Azure Information Protection, Intune, and many other technologies.

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Course dictated by Kevin Brown

I have been in the technology field for more than 20 years.  I have been a high performing Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) since 2000 and a Cisco Certified Systems Instructor since 2006.  I began my career in telecommunications more than 20 years ago.  Since then I have worked as a Systems Admin, Network Admin, System integrator, Solutions Architect, and CTO. My courses are not presentations that rely on slides to explain concepts.  My goal is to demonstrate every concept covered, instead of using slides that cover theory, we will use the interface to configure every setting that is discussed.  In my view, if you do not know how to complete a task that a course covered, that course was not beneficial.  I will make sure that you know how to complete each task and the various configurations for those tasks.

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