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Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) – Excel by Stanley Wong

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Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) - Excel Udemy

What is the Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) – Excel course about?

Complete knowledge and study of Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Excel Course development is based on 100% Microsoft official syllabus. It provides preparation for certification & daily quick reference . You can go to Specialist Level step-by-step ! It covers 5 CORE scopes of Excel: – Create and manage WORKSHEETS and WORKBOOKS – Manage data CELLS and RANGES – Create and manage TABLES – Perform operations with FORMULAS and FUNCTIONS – Create and manage CHARTS and OBJECTS It includes 130 comprehensive tutorials , and each video is only 2 ~ 4 mins concisely. The total course length is less than 4.5 hours (” less-is-more “)! So you can complete this course in a short time. All the videos are high-quality & mobile-phone-friendly , and you can watch them at anytime and anywhere. This course is in a simple, easy, fast way to the key points , so you can easily and quickly learn all the most fundamental and important things about Excel, without wasting your time on irrelevant contents. 113 Try-It-Out files (do along with course videos) , 17 post-section Practice tasks (test your understanding) and Q&A supports are included, to make sure you can achieve the goal of this course. It starts from a beginner but fundamental level, and finally brings you to Specialist Level. So, this course is really for you! Plus, this course is Life-Time Access and 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee . What are you waiting for? Let’s get started!

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Course dictated by Stanley Wong

Stanley Wong is Fellow Chartered Certified Accountant of ACCA (FCCA), Fellow Member of The Taxation Institute of Hong Kong (FTIHK), Member of The Hong Kong Securities and Investment Institute (MHKSI), Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Master.

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