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Microsoft Power BI Business Scenarios by BizticsCom King

The Microsoft Power BI Business Scenarios course is undoubtedly the most interesting and the most sought after by those seeking to specialize in IT & Software.

Intermediate course for Power BI users to create real world Business Scenarios step-by-step using Microsoft free tools.

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Microsoft Power BI Business Scenarios Udemy

What is the Microsoft Power BI Business Scenarios course about?

Description **** Life time access to course materials. 100% money back guarantee **** Companies are gathering more and more data everyday. Skills in data analysis, Business Intelligence / Business Analytics are highly in demand in today’s job market. Microsoft Power BI is an advanced yet easy to use self service Business Intelligence / Business Analytics tool for that. It is same B.I. tools used by professional analysts and data scientists. In this course together we will go over business scenarios where you will learn, how to use Power BI and advanced / complex DAX calculations further to derive more insights from data. We are using SQL Server Adventure Works Data warehouse as a sample database. We will hold your hand and walk you thru each scenario Step-by-step . Not only you will learn Power BI Best Practices, Tip, Tricks and Case Studies that you won’t find in ANY other course but also learn Microsoft’s Popular Course DASHBOARD-IN-A-DAY at your own pace at home or at your office AS A BONUS . All of the exercises are designed by keeping the practical aspects of Power BI and DAX in mind. All exercises are 100% hands-on. 25+ hours of HD videos of building Business Scenarios using DAX and 10 interactive Business Intelligence Reports and Dashboards from scratch to finish. Files for Start and Finished projects also included to challenge you so you can learn by immediately applying what you’re learning . You will have gained the knowledge and confidence to apply these same concepts to real-word to solve the Business problems or Business requirements. By the time you complete this course, You’ll be a highly proficient in DAX and Power BI user . You’ll be fully prepared to collect, clean, model and present data for any purpose. You will be using your skills as a Business Intelligence Professional to extract knowledge from data so you can analyze and visualize complex Business Problems/Requirements with ease. Why should you consider a career as a Business Data Analyst? Salary. A Business Data Analyst is a well-paid career Stable Career. As most corporations gathering more and more data. There will never be shortage of Jobs for Business Data Analyst. Advancement in Career : Since you will be building different reports for different departments. You will never be bored and always be valued. Which will bring you more opportunities in your career. Business Data Analyst get very visibility in corporations. Whole management depends on them. #microsoft #powerbi #data #business #intelligence #analysis #DAX We are covering the following in this course. Section 1: Advanced Microsoft Power BI Introduction Advanced Microsoft Power BI Course Introduction Why Microsoft Power BI Microsoft Power BI Family Microsoft Power BI Desktop Microsoft Power BI Service (Cloud) 1 Microsoft Power BI Service (Cloud) 2 What is Descriptive, Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics How to take the quizzes Section 2: Advanced Microsoft Power BI – Collect , In-jest and Import Data Import Data from CSV files in Microsoft Import Data from Excel files in Microsoft Power BI Desktop Import Real-time Streaming Data in Microsoft Power BI Service (Cloud) Import Data from OData Feed REST-API in Microsoft Power BI Desktop Import Data from Folders in Microsoft Power BI Desktop Section 3: Download and Install SQL Server and Sample Databases Download and Install SQL Server Download and Install Sample Database Import Data from SQL Server in Microsoft Power BI Desktop Section 4: Introduction to Power BI Dataflows Power BI Dataflows – Introduction Power BI Dataflows – Create Gateway from Scratch Power BI Dataflows – Create Entities from CSV file Power BI Dataflows – Create Entities using SQL Server Section 5: Introduction to Data Modeling Modeling Basics 0 Modeling Basics 1 Modeling Basics 2 Modeling and Relationships 0 Modeling and Relationships 1 Other ways to create Relationships Normalization – Denationalization 0 Normalization – Denationalization 1 OLTP vs OLAP Star S…

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