Microsoft SharePoint 2013 Foundation and Server 2013 Bundle Udemy

Microsoft SharePoint 2013 Foundation and Server 2013 Bundle by Simon Sez IT

The Microsoft SharePoint 2013 Foundation and Server 2013 Bundle course is undoubtedly the most interesting and the most sought after by those seeking to specialize in Office Productivity.

Get 16 hours of SharePoint 2013 training and discover how to make team collaboration more effective and productive.

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Microsoft SharePoint 2013 Foundation and Server 2013 Bundle Udemy

What is the Microsoft SharePoint 2013 Foundation and Server 2013 Bundle course about?

Discover How to Make Team collaboration More Effective and Productive With This Set of SharePoint courses. Courses included with this 16-hour bundle: Learn Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 Improve business collaboration by learning the essentials of Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 With Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013, any business can create websites on which teams of employees can share information and collaborate on everything from documents and lists, to calendars, data, and more. This course will teach you how to use and manage a SharePoint site, including how to use its many social features. Collaborate with Your Team from Anywhere And Improve Workflow Create and use community sites Integrate SharePoint with Microsoft Office Work with lists, libraries, digital assets, and more Understand content and records management Use SharePoint Server 2013 to Share Ideas Quickly and Easily With Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013, which is cloud-based, you can securely organize, store, access, and share information from virtually any device. There’s no need to install the server on-premises, so you have the freedom to collaborate from anywhere. You’ll also learn how to utilize project sites for project management, and how to integrate SharePoint with Microsoft Project. Contents and Overview This course is for all levels, and begins with an introduction to SharePoint sites, templates, and features. You’ll review the SharePoint social features. These include personal sites, following, microblogging, and newsfeed settings that let you stay on top of what everyone is up to. Master how to use the tools that make it easier to structure and encourage discussions among teams across your organization. You’ll learn how to integrate SharePoint with Outlook to sync contacts and receive alerts and messages via email. And you’ll master the use of organizational tools so every project runs smoothly for everyone. A walk-through of the SharePoint enterprise content management will teach you how to manage a large amount of content. Plus, you’ll learn records management to determine what should be considered a record, as well as how you’ll manage your records. You’ll practice the program’s social features, build a community site, and create and sync a calendar to Outlook. This course provides you with the tools necessary to set up a collaborative atmosphere in which all of your employees can communicate, exchange ideas, and manage projects together. By the end of this course, you’ll be able to use SharePoint Server 2013 to create a business environment that thrives on the sharing of ideas. Learn Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2013 During this 10-hour online video training, a professional instructor will introduce you to SharePoint Foundation 2013 and the program’s useful features for maximizing team communication. You’ll start with the basics. This includes navigating through the SharePoint interface, creating your own site, and adding content to your SharePoint site. With Learn SharePoint Foundation 2013 you will also: Discover how to work with user groups and permissions to ensure proper access control. Learn how to use SharePoint with other Microsoft Office applications. This includes exporting and importing data from Microsoft Excel. Find out simple ways to create libraries and lists to keep your content organized. Manage challenges that arise from team members using different versions of a file by exploring options for checking in and checking out files. Explore how to work with pages, web parts, add a project calendar, understand metadata and more. This course is ideal for those new to SharePoint or those who are looking for more advanced knowledge. All of our videos are high-definition videos, therefore, they are best viewed with the HD setting on, and the videos enlarged.

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