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Mindfulness for Beginners by Emma Castledine

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A course for anxiety reduction, managing difficult emotions and stresses.

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Mindfulness for Beginners Udemy

What is the Mindfulness for Beginners course about?

Do you feel like life is stressful at times? Do you struggle to handle difficult emotions and difficult situations? Do you live with anxiety and is it holding you back? Do you want to learn meditation and Mindfulness? This course is an introduction into mindfulness for everyone, which covers the basics of mindfulness and much more. You do not have to be “good” at meditation to benefit from mindfulness and we will show you how to practice in a way that works for you in your daily life. This is a practical course offering concepts, meditations, exercises and tools you can try and adopt in your everyday life whenever you wish. We will show you how to adopt mindfulness into everything you do, for example, when you are talking, walking and eating. You can do mindful practice even on your busiest days and we will show you how. You will learn about the neurological research how it changes our brain. We will address the impact of mindfulness on our thoughts, feelings and behaviour and show you how to retune it to a more positive outlook of life. This course teaches you how Mindfulness can enable you to become calmer under pressure, which will help you to handle stress in a positive way and decrease situations in which you feel overwhelmed. You will find out the many benefits of mindfulness; increase your confidence, well being, decrease stress reaction, greater concentration, more productive and generally enhance your life. If you want to stop living on autopilot and actually start living and noticing the present this is the course for you. We will introduce the concept of gratitude using both informal and formal practice and how it can benefit us and help us to reframe our negative thoughts and experiences to more positive, productive and healthy ones. So if you are just thinking about mindfulness or want to get going right now, join our course and you will be able to experience the benefits of an introduction to mindfulness and experience life changing learning.

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Course dictated by Emma Castledine

I qualified as a teacher in 2001 and taught young people and adults for over 20 years in colleges and universities. I also trained employees and service users in Health and Social Care Services in the UK.

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