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Mindfulness for Productivity by Chris Worfolk

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Use mindfulness meditation to reduce stress, boost productivity and improve time management

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Mindfulness for Productivity Udemy

What is the Mindfulness for Productivity course about?

Do you ever feel stressed about how productive you are? Are you hard on yourself for not getting enough done? Do you feel tired, battle with procrastination, and struggle to focus on the more important things? If so, Mindfulness for Productivity is the course for you. It gives you ten guided mindfulness practices you can follow along with to make you more productive, and maybe even a little happier, too. It will help you: Feel more motivated about your goals Reduce stress around feeling unproductive Focus on the things that are important Carrying on when obstacles fall in your way Starting and ending your day positively This course is suitable for all levels: we’ll jump straight into the practice videos that you can follow along with, but we’ll also cover how to mindfully meditate and the science behind it. I’m Chris, a qualified psychologist and founder of the mental health charity Anxiety Leeds. Tens of thousands of students have already taken my mindfulness courses right here on Udemy, and I hope you will be the next one. See you inside the course!

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Course dictated by Chris Worfolk

Chris Worfolk is a psychologist and software consultant. He is the author of nine books and has taught over 50,000 students on Udemy. He specialises in software, career coaching, mental health and resilience.

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