OMRON PLC 1 (CX-Programmer Usage) Udemy

OMRON PLC 1 (CX-Programmer Usage) by Akapol Sahapattanawana

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OMRON PLC 1 (CX-Programmer Usage) Udemy

What is the OMRON PLC 1 (CX-Programmer Usage) course about?

Contents….19 VDO Totally. 1. CX- Programmer Usage. 1.1 Creating a new project (8 lessons) – Create a new project. – Symbol & Comment. – Local symbol & Global symbol. – Rung comment & Section program comment. – Text color & Size setting. – PLC Simulation. – Create a function block. – Cycle time, Program capacity & Clock setting. 1.2 Go online & Debugging (8 lessons) – PLC Upload & Download. – Backup data memory(DM) – Debugging program. – Import/Export PLC symbols and comments. – PLC Data trace. – Time chart monitoring. – Programs comparison(Offline) – Programs comparison with PLC(Online) 1.3 Program protection & Password (3 lessons) – UM read protect & Password. – Task read protect & Password. – Function block protect & password. By Akapol Sahapattanawana [email protected]

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I have worked for a machinery electrical design and automation engineer for around 15 years, and have done many projects such as packing machines, conveying systems, filling machines, cartoning machines, End of line solution, CNC, servo & motion control and so on

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