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Leadership, Human Resource, Problem Solving, Decision Making, Delegation, Communication, Meeting, Business English, MBA

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One Day Management & Marketing for New Manager Udemy

What is the One Day Management & Marketing for New Manager course about?

Content This
course is designed to help students develop management skills, and better
understand different leadership styles and fundamental business concepts.  Students will follow the story of Noah, who
has just accepted a new position as a product manager for a candy maker.  He is excited to take on this role, but has
no idea where to begin! Noah
needs to familiarize himself with the skills necessary to be a successful
leader, as well as basic business terms and functions he will use in his daily
routine.  Luckily, he is friends with
Olivia who has an MBA degree and is willing to help. Olivia
explains how to organize and develop the department Noah will be responsible
for, including how to hire and retain the right employees.  She demonstrates how to properly manage time
and expectations, as well as workplace conflict.  The most common business types and
departments are also reviewed, as are some business basics, including economics,
finance, accounting, ethics and law. By
the conclusion of their interaction, Noah has all of the tools he needs to
succeed in his new position.  Students,
too, will have an excellent understanding of what is expected of business
leaders, including how to succeed in a managerial role. Staff Producer: Animate U, Japan Animator: Uliana Ovchar, Ukraine Writer: Sara Teller, United States Voice Talent: Laura Mills, United States Voice Talent: Brandon Landis, Sweden

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