Overcoming your unhealthy thinking habits Udemy

Overcoming your unhealthy thinking habits by Chris Black

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Change your thinking, change your life. Learn how Identify and change your unhealthy thought process for great success

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Overcoming your unhealthy thinking habits Udemy

What is the Overcoming your unhealthy thinking habits course about?

Are your negative thoughts controlling your behavior, therefore taking over your life?1 Do you find yourself asking questions like ” Why did I do that?!”  and find it very frustrating. This is the course for you.  This course will give you proven strategies that you can use everyday to overcome your negative thinking habits, therefore controlling your unwanted behavior.  Changing how you think will change your life from the inside out and give you a new positive perspective on life. We all have had a series of events that has impacted our thinking therefore affecting our behavior, many times not knowing why we do the thing we do.Some of you have even had altering moments that have changed your way of thinking therefore changing your behavior and your belief system.  Know that you have the ability to change your life, just by changing how you think.

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Course dictated by Chris Black

Chris Black is a highly regarded musician, author, teacher, and life coach who has performed with artists such as Beyonce, Bobby Lyle, Regina Belle, Lil Wayne and many others. In 2002, Chris suddenly lost all mobility in his arms and legs. He was faced with the end of his career and his purpose in life. The diagnosis, Multiple Sclerosis: A disease for which there is no cure.  He refused to give up, believing in healing and beating the odds.  He knew he would have to change everything – from the inside out: his mind, his body, his spirituality, and his emotional well-being.  Chris would not allow his circumstances to dictate his outcome.

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